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Alien Abduction Designs

  • Farmer running from UFO
  • Farmer being abducted
  • Abductees logo design
  • Alien Brain Implant
  • Black Abductee logo
  • Blue Abductee logo
  • Aien-technology logo


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Alien Heads

Alien Skateboarding Shirt Designs

Groovy Grey Alien Lounge

Alien Artifacts

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Crop Circles

UFO Designs

Groom Lake Resort (Area 51)

Alien Eyes

Alien Halloween Costume Ideas

Assorted Designs

Before we get started, here are some interesting UFO facts to think about.

One out of two people believe in UFOs, and over 15 million Americans claim to have seen one. There have been over 63,000 reported UFO sightings worldwide -- some by pilots, astronauts, and even former Presidents. UFOs sightings continue to make headlines and cause most people to wonder what UFOs really are.

Well, quit you're yammerin' about it because, face it, you're never really going to know. Unless, of course, you're the President of the United States. But then again, George W. just might be one himself. Or is he? We'll never tell.

What we can tell you is this. is the official landing zone for all things alien, UFO, extraterrestrial, and a whole lot of other funny alien stuff that always seems to be happening around here. And if you don't believe us, just Ask the Alien. But then again, our local alien representative tends to like the science fiction stories submitted by our dedicated readers and aspiring authors.

If you're new to visiting alien-technology, we welcome you. If you're a returning visitor, you've probably noticed the completely revamped, re-designed, and totally overhauled website design (courtesy of the magic minds of Kristof Creative). While the goal was to create a fast, fun and seemless experience for our customers, don't be suprised if you encounter a few hicups while we're taking care of the final details. If you do find one, please contact us. Truth be told, the holiday season is upon us and we needed to get the site up or we'd lose the chance to show you some really cool alien t-shirt designs we know you'd want to have for that special holiday event.

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