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The truth is out there. But the list of alien movies from the '70s are in here.

alien movies 1970-1979

Comprehensive list of alien and science fiction movies dating 1970-1979. The list includes the alien movie title, year, and the movie director.

If you can't find a movie that you feel should be listed here, please email us and we'll add it to the list. Please make sure to include the Movie Title, Year and the Director's name.

Alien Movies Dated 1970-1979
Alien / SciFi Movie Title Year Director
Critters 4 1975 Rupert Harvey
Enemy Alien 1975  
UFO Incident, The 1975 Richard A. Colla
Man Who Fell to Earth, The 1976 Nicolas Roeg
Alien Factor, The 1977 Don Dohler
Aliens From Spaceship Earth 1977 Don Como
End of the World 1977 John Hayes
Incredible Melting Man, The 1977 William Sachs
Plaats van de vreemdeling, De
...aka The Alien's Place
1977 Rudolf van den Berg 
Starship Invasions
...aka Alien Encounter
...aka Project Genocide
...aka War of the Aliens
1977 Ed Hunt
Star Wars 1977 George Lucas
Alien Prey
...aka Prey
1978 Norman J. Warren
Alien Zone
...aka House of the Dead
...aka Zone of the Dead
1978 Sharron Miller
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978 Philip Kaufman
Laserblast 1978 Michael Rae
Superman 1978 Richard Donner
Teen Alien
...aka The Varrow Mission
1978 Peter Semelka
Warlords of Atlantis 1978 Kevin Connor 
Alien 1979 Ridley Scott
Alien Encounters, The 1979 James T. Flocker
Giger's Alien 1979 H.R. Giger
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979 Robert Wise
Spaced Out 1979 Norman J. Warren
This comprehensive list of alien movies is intended for research purposes only. Alien-technology does not claim credit for the information contained in this list. We simply compiled the list from other resources including the Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB) in order to make your search for your favorite alien movie easier to find. For more information on any of the listed movies, please visit IMDM or on one of the links listed in the chart. Thanks.