Froze the blood in my veins

Charles : Alien Abduction Survivor Male 46-54 2 Details listed in story Details listed in story Junction, TX Unknown When I was a child of about nine we traveled from Texas to an extremely secluded place in Arkansas for vacation. I was out plinking with my .22 rifle...

sci-fi story “black wing”

Being the outcasts of the space fleet, few people take notice when Black Wing is given every dirty job in the universe. But when aliens attack they become the sole salvation of mankind. By Michael J. Shuler Sr.

sci-fi story “aliens mute”

Earth in inhabited by alien creatures who wage war on the planet. Though technologically advanced, they have one weakness and two soldiers of war are about to find out what that weakness is. By Marie Cammock

Two pairs of hands grabbed my neck

Benjamin : Alien Abduction Survivor Male 18-25 1 1 hr. 30 min. August 29, 2005 01 AM Hobart, FN Australia 1-2 hours Scars/Marks, Hear Voices Well, I went to bed as normal. Then during night, about 1:00, I woke up for some unknown reason. Then I heard something outside...

This wasn’t like lightning it was orangish

Crunch : Alien Abduction Survivor Male 18-25 1 50 min. February 19, 2005 03, AM Topeka, Kansa, USA 1 hour Insomnia I was walking down the street around 3 am to a nearby convenient store. As I was heading down a very dark hill lights began to flash. I thought nothing...