benefits of advertising on

Banners. They’re like billboards on the Internet. And in an interactive environment, people who see your banners can make a quick, no-obligation visit to your website or learn more about your business with just a click.

No other kind of advertising makes it so easy for consumers to respond to your message. And over the Internet, your banner ads can reach millions of viewers worldwide.

Ads on are;

Laser Focused

Our emphasis on cool alien-themed t-shirts, clothing, posters, movies, stickers and gifts makes us a prime destination for the people you want to reach — the ones with an expendable cash flow.

Highly Visible

Every day, more and more of your friends and neighbors are getting online. Studies show more than 2/3 of American adults now have Internet access, and many of them surf the web daily. Even more important, more and more shoppers are using the Internet to help make purchasing decisions — where to shop, where to eat, and what to do. Alien-technology can put you in the mix with advertising banners and display ads.

Always There

With your ads in constant view, there’s no waiting around for commercial breaks. Whether our viewers check in during the workday, or in the middle of the night, your online ads are working for you.


New MSN internet advertising effectiveness research study shows that:

  • Between 7% and 12% of the total time Internet users spend on Web pages is spent viewing ads.
  • Online advertising can increase brand awareness among consumers by as much as 300 percent — beating magazines, newspapers and even television!
  • Respondents were over three times more likely to purchase an advertised brand than survey respondents who didn’t remember seeing the online ad campaign.
  • Consumers’ intent to purchase was higher for ads from new online brands compared to advertising for established offline brands.
  • Online ad campaigns not only assist companies with their branding goals, but also have a bottom-line impact on a consumers decision to purchase an advertised product or service.

Plus, online ads are interactive — interested potential customers can reach your business with just a click of a mouse. No other kind of ad can move even chronic couch potatoes like that!


Alien-technology offers unlimited banner impressions for one low, flat fee. We don’t charge you each time your ad appears like most other web sites. Review our advertising rates.

Personal Statistics

What to know how effective you banners are? How many impressions and click-thru’s you’re getting? Now you can view the effectiveness of your banner ads 24/7 with your personal, password protected statistics section.

Other Important Information:

We do not require you to sign a contract. You can cancel your ad at any time. — But, we expect you to inform us promptly if you want to cancel your banner ad.

With the exception of special promotional offers, banner ad advertising space is sold in 1 month increments.

Banner ads are placed near the top of the product navigational menu, unless otherwise specified.

You supply the artwork as a JPEG or GIF file, along with your URL.

Prices are in U.S. currency, or the equivalent in other currencies and can be made via a secure connection using PayPal.

At this time, we accept the following banner sizes fewer than 16,000 bytes in size.- static or animated.

  • Leaderboard : 720 x 90
  • Full Banner : 468 x 60 IMU
  • Medium Rectangle : 300 x 250 IMU
  • Button : 125 x 125
  • Square Button : 125 x 125 IMU
  • Button 01 : 120 x 90 IMU

Banner ads can be in JPG or GIF format.

We reserve the right to change rates at our discretion, with one months advance warning to our advertisers.

All ads are subject to our prior approval — but we haven’t refused any yet.

All of the above items are negotiable.