alien glossary : terminology “a”

1992 QBI
The first component of the Kuiper Belt ever observed. It’s possible that its red surface is rich of organics. A theory says that it’s placed there to function as a base for the Reptoids and the Greys armies, just waiting there for the right time to attack the earth.
A human or an animal that’s been captured by an alien.
The abductees have in all most every case been studied by the aliens. They performed surgical operations, collected sperm, ova samples and tissues of all kinds. And in some cases an implant could be found.
Adamski, George
Adamski was born in Poland on 17th April 1891. His parents emigrated to the United States in 1893. Adamski claims that they’ve met humans from Mars, Venus and Saturn. The ones living on Venus ‘was called Venusian’s according to him. He has also been taken to the cities on the dark side of the moon and abroad spaceships. He claims that he has been told that all of our planets are inhabited. After his meetings in 1953 he started spreading the word of the Cosmic Philosophy which he had learn from the Venusian’s. He took several photos of these so called UFOs and aliens. But most of them has been proven hoaxes. In 1954 a man called Thomas Eickhoff tried to bring him to the Tederal Court to with help from two scientists that had witnessed one of his space travels. But the court ruled that the subject of UFOs was considered Maximum Security by the CIA.
Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Their headquarter is located at Bolling AFB.
Allan Hills 84001
The oldest martian meteorite to date. It was found in Antarctica were it crashed down for about 3,9-4,1 billion years. Earlier this year astronomers from Manchester University and scientists from the American Museum of Natural History released the news about the meteorite and that they had found organic materials in it. All theories about life on the red planet now seemed to be true, though it wasn’t little green men the proof of life in universe was confirmed. This discovery has given birth to new theories about life on earth developed from a martian meteorite. The age of the meteorite matches the time when scientists have estimated the life begun on earth, for about 3,5-4,1 billion years ago.
Alien Life Form.
Alien Artifacts
Strange, dynamic and compelling ancient alien-created art, historic objects, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and evolutionary fossils discovered from the far reaches of the universe. Each one revealing a small truth and providing another piece to an already indefinable puzzle.
Alien Bases
There are four alien bases in the United States. One in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. In 1972 there were six bases and were all located on indian reservations. is now the Official Internet Alien Base.
Alien Love Child
A hip, cool, and zen inspired alien design to help keep your life at peace with the universe. Perfect for concerts, expanded thing, love-ins and expressing your joy for all things of peace.
The application of advanced scientific and alien knowledge to serve alien beings, extraterrestrials, earthlings and other advanced civilizations in industry, commerce, medicine and other fields through an amazing Internet resource providing a humorous selection and display of alien t-shirts, products, clothing, DVDs, videos, and merchandise that can only be found at
Alien Politics
If you thought politicians from Earth were bad, you should check out these political alien statements, designs and slogans.
Anderson, Gerald
In the year 1990 Gerald Andersson step out in the light revealing a story about a crashed saucer at the Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico. This event should have taken place in July 5, 1947. In the beginning his story seemed to be highly detailed and contained a lot of information about dates, times, locations and names. And the investigators soon took their sides in the debate. The believers were represented by Stanton T. Friedman and the nonbelievers by Kevin Randles. Under a long time the two sides exchange their opinions with an almost hostile tone. Randle took deep investigations in the testimony and proved many of the statements made by Gerald Andersson to be hoaxes. The things that didn’t fit in Geralds story was incorrect names, mixed up times and he changed his idea of were the crash site was located. Friedman answered Randles evidence with many explanations. Most of them almost more unbelievable then the crash itself. When the story almost had been forgotten Gerald received a diary at his fathers funeral which he claimed as the family diary. But again the dates, times, names and place didn’t match with the truth. But the most important thing is that the paper was available in 1947 but the ink wasn’t available until the mid 70s. The believers had to give up their hope of a crashed saucer. Stanton T. Friedman even added a preface in his book “UFO Crash at Corona” were he says that the testimony of Gerald Andersson isn’t reliable even Friedman camp conceded and his is book Crash at Corona, Friedman added a small preface informing the reader that the testimony of Gerald Anderson was no longer reliable.
Andreasson, Betty
Betty Andreasson Luca was born on January 7th, 1937 and married to her second husband Bob Luca. She’s a well known UFO abductee victim and has written several books and held lectures about her own experiences. She claimed that she’d been abducted several times by the Greys and here opinion about was that they’r a sort of biological robots in control by higher humanoid entities. Books: The Andreasson Affair (1979), The Watchers, The Watchers II (1995). Under the abductions they took skin samples that she claimed that they used for the study of melanin productions.
Andrews, Colin
Investigator and expert on the Crop Circle phenomena.
Angel Hair
Sometimes found at the scene of a UFO sighting or encounter.
See Valle Classification System
Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation. Founded in 1952 by Jim and Corel Lorenzen and their headquarters are in Tucson, Arizona. APRO, now defunct, was the worlds longest running UFO group and one of two civilian research groups singled out for monitoring by the CIA’s Robertson Panel.
A project that that started in 1953 to compile the history upon this planet for the last 25,000 years and the aliens interference with the Homo Sapiens so that the projects could get the information necessary to their needs.
Groom Lake Dry area of the Nellis Air Force Range and Nuclear Test Site in the Nevada desert, about 80 miles NNW of Las Vegas. Here the US government is test flying their secret Black Projects which involves military aircrafts and UFOs.
Arnold, Kenneth
On the 24th June 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold observed nine strange objects flying in formations over Mount Rainier, Cascade Mountains, Washington. He had a second sighting five days later when he saw 20-25 brass-coloured objects within 400 yards when he flew over the La Grande valley. This started the UFO hysteria that’s been ongoing ever since. The term “Flying Saucer” was used by Kenneth Arnold to describe how the UFOs moved in the air. A misunderstanding that it was the shape of the UFOs he described gave birth to the now classical description “Flying Saucer”.
Members of the Confederation of Humans.
They are blond nordic humanoids. The story about them is that they are captured by the Reptoids and have implants. They are hard to rely on as they switch side between the Reptoids and the Confederation of Humans every now and then. Also known as the Blondes.
Air Technical Intelligence Center. Located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. It worked as a controlling agency for the Project Blue Book. In a 1948 Top Secret estimate called ‘Estimate of the Situation’ ATIC concluded that UFOs were interplanetary spaceships. But the document was ordered to be burned by Hoyt S. Vandenberg in August 1948.
Astronomical Unit. It’s a measurement of space. The distance from the sun to the earth is one A.U.
Aurora, Project
A development project of two new types of aircrafts held at the AREA-51.
Azhazha, Dr. Vladimir
A Russian ufologist.