alien glossary : terminology “c”

Cammo Dudes
The military personnel in the surroundings of Area-51.
Campbell, Glenn
Glenn Campbell, age 36, used to work as a computer programmer around Boston but moved to the desert town of Rachel, Nevada, in January 1993 but now he lives in an apartment in Las Vegas, 90 miles south of the secret military base Area-51. Campbell moved from Boston only to investigate the rumors and stories about the so-called Area-51 at Groom Lake. His investigations ended up in his book, The Area 51 Viewer’s Guide. Glenn Campbell has always kept to the facts and not involved any emotional feelings in the subject. And that has given him respect and credibility. The information he collects through his investigation he publishes on his web site called the Area-51 Research Center. Through his efforts Area 51 and its secret military base were made known to the public. Appearances in media by Glenn Campbell: ABC World, News Tonight and Larry King Live and several articles about him in magazines like Popular Science and The New York Times Magazine. Glenn Campbell is also known under the pseudonym Psychospy.
Carlotto, Dr Mark
TASC’s Dr. Mark Carlotto developed an algorithm that enables one to extract approximate elevation relief from imagery. It’s a “shape from shading” algorithm. The Martian imagery provided an excellent dataset for prototyping this algorithm as with no atmosphere and well understood reflectivity, the surface provides near perfect Lambertian reflection – and hence a means of determining relative surface normals. He developed this algorithm under the same period as some scientists were reviewing remotly sensed imagery of the Martian surface. They discovered the so called “Face on Mars”, a geological feature on the surface which looks as a human face. This discovery fed the old stories about assumed life on Mars. Stories that, by the way, seem to be true if you belive the scientist who found some kind of small single-cell creatures on a 4 billion year old meteorite which crashed on earth.
Carpenter, John
Carpenter is a ufologist who specialises in Abductees and their reports.
Cash/Landrum Case
Betty Cash (Vickie’s Boss and restaurant owner), Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby Landrum were driving along a road in Huffman in December 1980 when they saw a diamond shaped UFO hovering over the road. They had to stop because of the fire that belched out from beneath it. At the same time they saw around 25 unmarked black helicopters which followed it when it took off. After the encounter they all suffered from vomiting, sunburn and diarrhea. A theory that has been discussed is that it was the US government trying to fly a manmade Saucer.
Cathie, Bruce
Bruce Cathie works as a New Zealand Airline pilot. He claims that he’s discovered a world-wide grid system used by UFOs and writes about it in his books: Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, Energy Grid: Harmonic 695 and the Pulse of the Universe, Harmonic Conquest of Space.
Cattle Mutilations
Started sometime before the 1970’s. Cattle are killed and found mutilated on the farm. Some are found completely drained of blood and some with vital organs removed, often the sexual organs. The surgical operations are so advanced that the techniques weren’t invented on earth at the time the mutilations started to appear. The connection between the mutilations and UFOs seems to be that discoveries of mutilated cattle and UFO sightings often go hand in hand.
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy. It’s a non-profit organization and they are working to uncover all existing documentation relating to the government’s involvement in UFO investigations and research. CAUS files a great number of FOIA lawsuits to get the government to release documents that are relevant. They publish “Just Cause”, a quarterly newsletter in which you can read about events and UFO news from all around the world.
Charlemaine, Emperor
In the year 810ad the emperor’s horse was startled by a silverball from the sky, and the emperor was thrown down on the ground. This report is one of the earliest and most vague ones.
Clark, Jerome
Author of the following three books: UFO Encyclopedia, Vol 1:Ufos In The 1980S (1990), UFO Encyclopedia, Vol 2:The Emergence Of A Phenomenon:Ufos From The Beginning Through 1959 (1992), UFO Encyclopedia: High Strangeness, Ufos 1960-1979 (1995).
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Steven Spielberg’s movie about alien abductions. The name is from the Hynek Classification System and Hynek was by the way a friend of Spielberg. In the movie we see a French Scientist and he’s based on Jaques Vallee.
Close Encounters of the * Kind
See the Hynek Classification System.
Collins, Robert
He’s one of the persons that took part in the disinformation against Paul Bennewitz. He’s also known as “Condor”.
COMunications INTelligence. The communication section of the NSA.
Confederation of Humans
This is an organization to help and protect the human race from the hostile races. The group is set out of aliens born out of the so-called, positive energy. The races included are Pleiades, Vega, Arcturus, Sirius and many other humanoid races.
Condon, Edward
The man who led the UFO Project at the Colorado University. In 1969 they published “Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects”, aka “CONDON Report”. It was talking against the reality of UFOs and gave the USAF a chance to close the Project Blue Book without publish any public investigations of UFOs.
Condon Report
The US Air Force commissioned the University of Colorado in 1966 to make a scientific study of UFOs. The project was headed by Dr. Edward Condon. In 1969 they published ‘Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects’ which debunked the whole UFO phenomena. Later FOIA released documents have shown that CIA had involvement in the report and was responsible for the debunking reports. The Condon Report was just used as an excuse to close Project Blue Book without publishing. Incidentally, copies of the Condon Report are now very scarce.
See Robert Collins.
Cooper, Gordon
NASA astronaut who has, like many other astronauts, witnessed UFOs in space. Gordon Cooper also claims that NASA has taken pictures of them.
Cooper, Milton William
Used to work for the USAF but claims that he then moved to the Naval Intelligence. He made his first public appearance on Paranet with a report on a UFO sighting that he had whilst on the USS Tiru, a US submarine. He then started to send details of secret projects the US government dealt with at the time he worked for the intelligence. But when he was asked about some kind of evidence that what he claimed was true he didn’t give any. Instead he kept sending information about different secret projects involving the US Gov. and aliens. He was banned from Paranet but still kept on sending in reports, anonymously, to different BBS’s and claiming that the researchers questioning his authenticity worked for the government to spread disinformation to the public. Although his reputation isn’t the best he’s a well paid lecturer who talks about his experiences. Some of his claimed US government projects are secret military bases on the Moon and Mars. He says that these bases were built in the 1950s. Another of his strange theories are the assassination of JFK. According to Cooper he was assassinated by the cars driver. The reason that he was terminated was that he was going to tell the truth about UFOs to the public. None of this can be strengthen by any kind of evidence, except a seventh copy of the film shoving the assassination of JFK, in very poor condition. Perhaps his most bizarre story is that the aliens in US TV-series “Alien Nation” are real aliens who were employed as part of an indoctrination program so that the public will accept the reality of aliens more easily. He’s known for changing his mind very quick like when he first claimed that he’d met Bob Lazar and knew that everything was true of which he spoke but then a couple of months later he changed his mind and said that he’d always known that Lazar was a Fraud. Most ufologists believes that he’s loosing his mind.
Creighton, Gordon
Former intelligence officer who is the Editor of Flying Saucer Review.
The UFO organization in Uruguay.
Crlll, Crll, Krlll or Krll
Should be pronounced as Krill or Crill. The alien that they left as hostage to force the aliens to keep the agreement with the humans at the first Holloman landing.
Crop Circle
A strange phenomenon that started to appear in fields around Britain mostly around the famous Stonehedge monument in the 70s. But the phenomena has now grown to a world phenomenon and circles have appeared in USA, Sweden an many other countries. Many researchers have tried to solve the phenomena and the theories suggested are numerous. Magnetic fields, twisters, hoaxes, alien visitors leaving messages and the most amusing theory about love crazed hedgehogs running wild in the night.
Crystal, Ellen
Ufologist and author who claims that she’s been the witness of hundreds of triangular shaped flying crafts since the beginning of 1980’s. She also have taken photographs of several crafts. She’s the author of Silent Invasion: The Shocking Discoveries of a UFO Researcher (1991).
The Centre for UFO Studies. It was founded in 1973 by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, after the Project Blue Book, in 1969, and NICAP, in 1973, was dissolved. The organization is based in Evanson Illinois and they publishes the annual “Journal of UFO studies” and the bimonthly “International UFO Reporter”. Address: J.Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, 2457 West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60659 USA