alien glossary : terminology “e”

Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities. The name given to the alien that survived the Roswell crash in 1949. He lived for about a year and then died in captivity.
Ecker, Don
Don Ecker is the Director of Investigations for UFO Magazine. He’s married to Vicky Cooper who is the Editor of the same magazine. In his many articles he has supported the work of Kevin Randle and criticized the William Cooper stories.
Element 115
A substance that yet has to be created on earth. But if it would excist it should be read as the 115 in the periodic table. According to Robert Lazar thats the substance he came in contact with when he was working at the Area-51. It’s used in some way with the propulsion engine in the crafts to create anti-gravity. When Element 115 is modified, claims Lazar, in a certain combination of protons, neutrons, and electrons, it will produce a stable form of itself. This new stable combination releases a larger, more powerful gravitational field than other elements. This force that is produced from the Element 115 is not like that which holds us to the earth and the planets in orbit. The Element produces a field of the same kind that holds atoms together. This gravitational field, you can say, bends the space-time continuum and travels in a non-linear direction. It’s like that the craft is standing still and space moves against.
Extra-terrestrial. Same as ufonauts or alien abductors.
Extra!Extra!terrestrial Newsletter
The famous alien newsletter containing many cool alien facts, information and tidbits about aliens, alien abduction, mind control, alien recipes, crop circles, and special offers on new products, designs, and limited edition apparel.
Extra-terrestrial Exposure Law
In title 14, section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations there is a law which was added without public debate. It’s a law that makes anyone who comes in contact with a UFO or an alien can be fined up to $5000 and be jailed for up to a tear. And a NASA administrator has the right to determine whatever a person needs to be in quarantine for extra-terrestrial exposure and for how long it’s necessary. Anyone involved with UFOs and aliens are according to this law criminals.
Claimed to be a weapon created to destroy the aliens underground bases. It carries a 1 megaton nuclear warhead.