alien glossary : terminology “h”

Haines, Dr Richard
Author of the following books: Advanced Aerial Devices Reported During The Korean War (1990), Melbourne Episode: Case Study Of A Missing Pilot (1987), Observing Ufos: An Investigative Handbook (1980), Ufo Phenomena And The Behavioral Scientist (1979).
Hale Bop
A comet on a long trip journey in universe. Calculations say that it will show up on the sky in the beginning of 1997.
Haleys Comet
A comet on a long trip journey in universe.
High Agility Low Observable. An aeroplane in the third generation stealth strikers in the UK. The project is held at Warton, Lancashire in UK.
A comet on a long trip journey in universe. It was seen on the sky under the first half of 1996.
Hill, Betty and Barney
This case is based on information gained through hypnotic regression. In September 1961, Betty and Barney Hill returned from their holiday when they saw a bright light moving rapidly in the sky. Barney wen’t out of the car to get a better look of the UFO. It was shaped like a coin with two wings. In the windows they could see figures running around. He ran back to the car and continued their trip home. They noticed that they had lost two hours without knowing why. They told the same story in separate rooms under hypnotic sleep. The car was stopped by the UFO and they were taken aboard the UFO and there they were separated. The aliens examined them and took samples of tissues from their bodies. Onboard the space ship Betty was showed a 3-D holographic star map. She could make a drawing out of it under hypnosis and an amateur astronomer searched for a constellation wich match the drawing. The astronomer came up with that it have to be the star system Zeta Reticuli.
Hill-Norton, Lord
A retired British admiral who is convinced that there is a Government UFO cover-up. Lord Hill-Norton is also known as Baron Hill-Norton of South Nutfield. Hill-Norton has written several of the forwards in the books of Timothy Good.
Hillenkoetter, Vice Admiral Roscoe
Admiral Hillenkoetter was the 3rd Director of Central Intelligence from 1947-50, and the first CIA Director. Hillenkoetter was one of the first intelligence chiefs who publicly said that they believed the UFO phenomena to be real. He was latter on the board of directors of NICAP.
Hoagland, Richard
For many years Richard Hoagland claimed that the US Government as well as NASA is covering up the alleged ‘Face of Mars’ in the Cydonia region of Mars. Hoagland also claims that NASA has video taped UFOs filmed during shuttle missions. And Richard Hoagland says that NASA has more evidence of a civilization on the surface of Mars except the picture of the “face”. Pictures of pyramids and a fortress are some of them.
Holt, Alan
Alan Holt is a physicist and aerospace engineer. Holts main work centers on the development of the astronaut and flight controller training programs associated with Spacelab. But Alan is also engaged in theoretical research into advanced types of propulsion engines for space crafts. Alan has also been involved in Project Visit, a unofficial NASA UFO study.
Hopkins, Budd
A painter and sculptor from Manhattan. He wen’t to the Oberlin college. For the last 13 years he’s been investigating UFO reports and especially abductions. With the help of hypnotic regression he tries to help abductees. He got the interest when he saw a UFO by himself. Hopkins is the author of the two books: Intruders: The Incredible Visitations At Copley Woods, and Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions. The book Intruders has been filmed and shown on TV as a series of two episodes with the same name as the book.
Howe, Linda Moulton
Linda Moulton Howe is a UFO researcher and writer with a speciality in abductions and mutilations. Linda has written the following books: An Alien Harvest Littleton (1989), Glimpses Of Other Realities, Volume 1: Facts And Eyewitnesses (1993).
Hynek, Dr J. Allen
Allen Hynek worked for US Air Force’s project Blue Book as a consultant astronomer. When he started his attitude against all who had seen UFOs was that, with his own words, only “kooks and Crackpots” saw UFOs. But after a couple of years he started to notice that many of the reports wasn’t made up by kooks and crackpots, but highly credible militaries and civilians. But after dismissing several credible witnesses at the Michigan sighting with the natural cause of swamp gas he resigned. Hynek led the investigation of the Socorro landing case in 1964 with the FBI. He went on with the at the time young Jaques Vallee and founded the Center of UFO Studies in Illinois in 1973. Hynek later become a member of the Robertson Panel. In 1986 Dr J. Allen Hynek died. Under his life time Hynek wrote these books: The Ufo Experience: A Scientific Inquiry, Night Siege: The Hudson Valley Ufo Sightings and What You Should Know About UFOs. Hynek also invented the Hynek Classification System.
Hypnotic Regression
Hypnotic regression is used to recount experiences that has been stored in the subconscious memory. And there’s a theory that you see and hear are stored there. But it’s very unreliable and there are known cases of people lying under hypnosis.