alien glossary : terminology “U”

Unidentified Flying Object. It doesn’t have to be a spaceship, just something seen in the sky which can’t be explained. But of all the reports there’s just 10% that can’t be explained after very serious investigations. The other 90% are explained as either some kind of natural phenomenon or man-made devices.
Official alien airline of the universe. Their cool alien airline logo and catchy tagline “we love to abduct. and it shows” is an inspiration to fellow alien and extraterrestrial travelers throughout the universe. Because no matter where you are, you can always count on UFO AIR to whisk you away to some far off exotic location – whether you want to go or not. Their cool alien products can be viewed here.
A UFO investigator.
The study of UFO phenomenons.
Same as extraterrestrial or alien abductors.
A UFO magazine published in Denmark.
A Swedish UFO organization The president of the organization is Clas Svahn.
UFO Times
A journal published by BUFORA with news about UFO reports from Britain and Europe.
United States Air Force.