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List of alien and UFO television shows TV shows tv show with aliens. Aliens on TV.

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Alien Televisions Shows

Show TitleYearCredits
My Favorite Martian1963-1966David Alexander

John Erman
Lost in Space1965-1968Irwin Allen
Star Trek1966-1969Gene Roddenberry
UFO1970-1971Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Reg Hill 
Star Trek (Animated Series)1973-1975Bill Reed
Hal Sutherland
Destination Moonbase Alpha1975Tom Clegg
Mork & Mindy1978-1982Don Barnhart
Frank Buxton
Battlestar Galactica1978-1979Glen A. Larson
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century1979-1981Glen A. Larson
Greatest American Hero, The1981-1983Stephen J. Cannell
Coneheads, The1983Jules Bass
Arthur Rankin Jr.
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, The1986-1989Robert Mandell
Alf1986-1990Paul Fusco 
Tom Patchett
Starman1986-1987Robert Chenault

Bob Dahlin
Star Trek: The Next Generation1987-1994Gene Roddenberry
War of the Worlds1988-1990George Bloomfield

Timothy Bond
Aliens Next Door1989Russ Harris
Jerry Reynolds
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine1993-1999Rick Berman
Michael Piller
X Files, The1993-2002Chris Carter 
Babylon 51994-1998J. Michael Straczynski
Space: Above and Beyond1995-1996Glen Morgan
James Wong (IV)
Star Trek: Voyager1995-2001Rick Berman
Michael Piller
Jeri Taylor 
3rd Rock from the Sun1996-2001Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner (I)
Bureau of Alien Detectors1996Ron Myrick
Bob Nesler
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys1996Brad Rader
David Schwartz
Future Fantastic1996 
Roswell Conspiracies1996Katherine Lawrence (writer)
Randy Littlejohn (writer)
Farscape1999-2003Rockne S. O'Bannon
Roswell Conspiracies:

Aliens, Myths & Legends
1999Tom Tataranowicz
Roswell1999-2002John Behring
Arvin Brown
Andromeda2000- ???Gene Roddenberry
Enterprise2001- ???Rick Berman
Brannon Braga