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All of the following, including each of their representative designs, logo’s, and trademarks, are currently unregistered, but pending registration upon need for protection against improper use. The idea of marketing these terms as a commodity is a protected idea under the Lanham Act. 15 U.S.C. s 1114(1) (1994) (defining a trademark infringement claim when the plaintiff has a registered mark); 15 U.S.C. s 1125(a) (1994) (defining an action for unfair competition in the context of trademark infringement when the plaintiff holds an unregistered mark).

alientechnology, alien-technology, Abductapalooza, Alien ArtiFacts, Alien Christmas, Alien Elvis, Alien Flower Power, Alien Ghost, Alien Halloween, Alien Lab, AlienLoveChild, Alien Patriot, Alien Politics. Alien Santa, Alien Strangelove, Alien St. Patrick, AlienSkate, Alien Skate Posse, Alien Skate World Dominator, AlienSurf, Alien WorldTour, Ask the Alien, Baghdad or Bust, Bel(i)eve, BrainImplant, Carbon-based LifeForm, CropFest, CropFest 2001, CropFest 2002, Crop Circles 101, Crop Circle Locator, Extra!Extra!terrestrial, Five Galaxies Award, Get Probed, Goodbye Saddam, GreyMatters, Groom Lake Cigar Shop, Groom Lake Country Club, Groom Lake Polo Club, Groom Lake Resort, Groom Lake Resort and Spa, Groom Lake Swim Team, Groom Lake Tennis Club, GroovyGrey, Illuminatee, Illuminatees, Irish I was an Alien, Keep on Abductin’, Kiss Me I’m an Alien, RegisteredAlien, Roswell Autopsy Scrubs, RunningFarmer, TakenMan, TeamAlien, and UFO AIR.