Miniature Aliens

Look what just landed… authentic miniature alien replicas!

Five, original, miniature alien replicas — authentic reproductions.

Five different alien characters to choose from. Standing at a massive one inch in height, these aliens may be small but they make great holiday gifts and can also be used as alien tree ornaments for the Christmas tree.

These mini aliens are a great gift idea for anyone on your gift-giving list — even if it’s for yourself.

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Holly smokes! The page you requested can not be found.

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  • It is another government conspiracy to keep you from knowing the truth
  • The page was abducted by aliens -- possible, not very probable though.
  • No more t-shirts exist.. anywhere.
  • You are currently using hallucinogenics and just think the page is not here (but it really is)
  • There is probably other reasons, but you do not care.

Solution: Click your heels together three times while chanting, "There is no place like home". or click a link from the main menu.