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Our PR firm has advised us that Earthlings find our abductions inconvenient, disruptive and time-consuming. We will therefore be continuing the program on a strictly volunteer basis from this point on.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer subject, please register using the form below.

We look forward to probing you. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction!

If you've had a prior experience with being abducted by aliens, we want to hear your story. Report your alien abduction story
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  • * Due to new alien abduction by-laws, you must be 18 (earth years) or older to be considered for abduction.
  • For your security and privacy, we will not post your last name or email address.
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  • How long do you want to be abducted for? Not that you really have a say in the matter, but we want you to feel empowered (sucker!)