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They’re out there. Aliens and UFOs.

You know it’s true because you’ve seen them with your own eyes; streaking through the night skies, hovering over your house, abducting unsuspecting farmers, and big multi-colored aliens invading your home and inflicting you with their treacherous mind-control. (Okay, maybe that last one was just your 300 lb. mother-in-law in a Hawaiian print moo-moo — but it still counts).

Now it’s time to let the world know too.

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Close Encounter Definitions

Close Encounter of the 1st kind
Occur when UFOs are witnessed at close quarters but do not affect the environment.
Close Encounter of the 2nd kind
Happen when the UFO has physical effects on animate and/or inanimate objects around it – animals are frightened, the ground is burned, electromagnetic systems such as radios or car lights and engines cease to function
Close Encounter of the 3rd kind:
Happens when entities are seen in or near the UFO.
Close Encounter of the 4th kind:
Happens when a witness is abducted or has intelligent communication with the occupants of UFOs.
Close Encounter of the 5th kind:
Happens when a witness invites some contact with aliens, for example by telepathy or by some other signal.

UFO Sightings: 01-05

Undisclosed : Alien UFO survivor

July 1995
2nd Kind
Mynard, Oklahoma
04 hours
Missing my prized John Deere Tracker-Pull Trophy Ball Cap

The night began like any other Saturday. Nothing much else to do but get in the truck, head across the county line and pick up a case of beer. I got the beer all right. But on the way back, something happened that changed my life.

As I got close to home a brightly lit object zipped over my truck. And before i could spit, my truck went dead as a possum. I got out to take a look, and there it was… Hovering, just over the tree-line. Its lights were flashin’ something fierce and it was dartin’ back and forth like some sort of gigantic, crazy firefly. Suddenly, it was directly above me. Before I could think, my feet were headin’ out through the pasture. When I got about half way cross I heard this high-pitched hum and then all of a sudden I couldn’t move. When I turned to see what happened, a bright light flashed in front of my eyes. I guess that’s when things went black.

When I woke up, my watch had stopped, but I could tell it was almost morning. I felt kinda funny in some places I’d rather not mention. And i had this strange feeling that something had been stuck into my brain. Then it hit me — not only had my dignity been violated, but one of those gray little bastards swiped my prized, John-Deere Tractor-Pull Trophy ball cap.

From that day on, I decided to devote my life to one never-ending pursuit: cash in on those suckers and make sure they didn’t have the last laugh. Oh yeah, if you happen to get snatched by the same ones who got me, please try to get my hat back.

Much appreciated.

Alex : UFO survivor

4th Kind
Baghdad, Iraq
4 minutes
Hallucinations : Implants : Alien Impregnation : Fear of blinking lights

Tyler : Alien survivor

2nd Kind
Winnipeg, Canada
7 hours, 7 minutes
Scars/Marks : Implants : Alien Impregnation : Fear of blinking lights

Well i was walking down the road, to find a gay companion on Higgins and Main when a UFO picked me up and then they (assaulted) me which i liked. they probed my (behind) with a big cold metal rod. they then has sex right in front of me. then pulled my liver out. And kept i have a big scare where my liver should be. then gave me big all they gay guys hate me.

Janie : Alien survivor

Jan. 20, 1996
2nd Kind
Fort Worth, Texas
Insomnia : Hallucinations : Fear of blinking lights

Only recently have I even thought of the possibility of abduction. most of my childhood has been blocked from my memory. I was always fascinated as a child to UFO’s although my family never believed. My mother had seen several as a child. I had seen one about 200 feet above my house when I was 13 and several to date. My family has seen these objects as well. I was reading the book communion, which took me almost a year, because I would freak out and put it away. My son at the time was 5 years old. He didn’t know how to read, but he walked in to the room where I was reading and told me he saw the man on the book. I asked him where and he said outside my window. I was terrified by this and asked him when. He said a couple of days ago, (Sept 1996)that he dreamt he climbed out the window and sent with a man to a car. He then said that he was floating above our house and then they shot into the air. He couldn’t see our house anymore. It scared him and they brought him back. He described what was on the roof (a yellow frisbee and tire tube). I asked him where we were and he said asleep. it was 3:00 A.M. Sometime after that, we would see shadows in the house. An owl would hoot outside our window and my son had a fear of the dark that he has to this day. He won’t enter a room without light or someone present. I have two other children and each of them have constant nosebleeds for no apparent reason. I have dreams on a weekly basis and feel like I’m going crazy. My husband laughs when I talk about this, but he’s understanding. I’m not sure if we have been abducted, but he has had a lot of the “clues” to being abducted.

Sue : UFO survivor

Dec. 26, 1960
1st Kind
San Mateo, California

I was eight years old, the best I can recall. We lived in a house that backed up on open fields that had high power lines going along behind the house. I was playing in the living room, facing outside. Our house was all glass in back, windows from floor to ceiling. My mother was in the kitchen at the table. From where she was sitting, she would have been able to see out in the fields also. I heard an odd whirring sound outside and looked up to see something fly by so fast I couldn’t even focus on it. And instant later there was a sonic boom. My mother panicked and called for me. In my child’s mind I just thought it was a large, dark bird, and I didn’t connect the thing that flew by with the sonic boom. I asked my mother what was wrong and she wouldn’t say why she was upset, she just said she wanted to make sure I was okay. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I put it all together, the fast-flying object, the sonic boom and my mother’s panic. If it was a UFO, it wasn’t very large, but it definitely was too large and too fast to really be a bird. It was traveling from south to north, in line with the high power lines, probably 30 to 40 feet outside my house.