Jason : Alien Abduction Survivor

Denham Springs

In my former life, I was commander of a Force Recon team in Vietnam. On the night of Oct 14, 1969, I was abducted by aliens in the middle of a fire-fight with NVA regulars. My squad was ambushed while on patrol. Pinned down in a shallow creek bed, an alien craft, its underside illuminated by a faint blue light, appeared silently overhead. I was lifted into its bowels by a clear white light. The last thing I remember was a feeling of weightlessness and the sight of tracer ammo flashing back and forth in the dark night of the Delta. When I awoke, my squad was dead, the NVA had disappeared once again, and my left pinkie toe was missing. Although I no longer bare the physical scars of this trauma, my memories of that night make every waking hour seem a nightmare. I believe the only way to subdue these memories is to once again confront my alien abductors.