Conrad : Alien Abduction Survivor

Denver, Colorado

My wife, Donna, and I were driving down a mountain road near the Rockies on a trip. We came across a fork in the road, then I remember seeing a white flash in front of the windshield of our Oldsmobile.

The next thing I could remember was laying in a ditch next to my truck, with numerous cuts on my arms, forehead, hand, and a long gash down my leg. My wife Donna did not return with me. I went and searched for her from 2 am until dusk. After these numerous hours of searching, I gave up and brought myself to the nearest hospital to get stitched up.

I couldn’t recall what had happened during the abduction, but few nights after, I have had several dreams of what happened. I dreamed of being bolted to a steel bed with tall, dark, unknown beings surrounding me, and speaking in strange tongues to each other, glaring at me after each sentence. They abused me, almost seeming like they were playing with me like I was some sort of doll. The stuck a needle in my thigh, then positioned a large device above the bed I was stationed on. This looked to be of advanced technology. It had multicolored lights all around it, and had sharp utensils sticking out of it. I don’t remember seeing Donna on the craft. They probably abused and played with her to the point where she couldn’t take it anymore, and she just gave up on living this hellish nightmare.

I will never escaped the dreaded dreams of the abduction, even if faced my abductors once again. That will only make this nightmare a reality once more.