Jenny : Alien Abduction Survivor

June 20, 2004
12, AM
California, USA
6 Hours

I was asleep in my bed when suddenly a strange noise awakened me. I jumped out of bed to look out the window. A bright light engulfed me, and I was knocked out. I awoke naked on a cold metal table, with sturdy straps holding me in place. I looked around. The room was white and dome-shaped. It was similar to a dentist’s office. Strange medical instruments hung above me. Some cabinets were against the wall, presumably hiding more equipment. Monitors were set up as well, their screens blank. Suddenly, a circular door across the room opened and three Greys walked in. They saw that I was awake and came over to me, circling my operating table. One on my right, one on my left, and one behind me, all of them were near my head. The alien to the left spoke. “Do not fear us.” I was surprised that they spoke English instead of communicating telepathically. “We will now begin the physical examination.” First they looked at me awhile, and poked and prodded up and down my body. Then one Grey covered me with a light cloth from my chest to my knees. Another went over to the cabinets and came back with wires attached to suction cups. The aliens to my right and left each took a suction cup and fitted them to each of my temples. The wires were then plugged into one of the monitors. Tiny lines were played over the monitor screen, and I assumed it measured my brain activity. Then one folded back the cloth to reveal my upper chest, and attached a suction cup to where my heart was. That wire was plugged into another monitor, which showed my heart rate. Next, the alien to my right produced an injection filled with a pale green liquid. He moved it towards my neck, but I resisted, twisting my head away. The alien behind me spoke, his voice flowing like running water. “Do not try to resist.” But I persisted, and so his cold fingers held my head in place as the needle was inserted into my neck. He pushed the top, and the liquid entered my body. After all the serum had been emptied from the tube, he withdrew the needle and set it on another table. I suddenly felt extremely hot. One of the monitors beeped. “Your heart rate is rising rapidly,” he said. I felt faint and began to struggle. He took an object similar to a pen from his pocket and moved it to my forehead. As the cold metal touched me between the eyes, I stopped struggling and lay still. A shocking sensation enveloped my body. He retrieved the pen and put it back into his pocket. The alien on the right pressed down on my chest and caused me to gasp for breath. They took notes on a clipboard. One pulled a lever on the side of the examination table, and two flat panels rose up on either side of my head. He pressed a button. A light blinked. I tried to move my head but couldn’t. Now one of them was bringing over what appeared to be an oxygen mask. He fitted it over my nose and mouth and held it in place. Another Grey attached a tube to the mask and hooked up the other end to a machine. He pressed a button on the machine and some purple gas began floating down the tube. I began to feel drowsy and lost consciousness. When I awoke, the monitoring wires were gone, but I was still on the table, and it was moving down a hallway, pushed by a Grey. I saw that I wasn’t strapped, so I began to rise. But I was too weak to do anything. The Grey called to others, and they came over. Again those cold clammy hands touched my skin, and they walked alongside my stretcher, holding me down. I was wheeled into another circular room. A bright light was turned on over my face. I could only see the black silhouettes of the aliens as they pulled off the cloth to see my whole body. They felt me all over as one prepared an anal probe. They opened my legs and inserted the probe. After a minute or two, they withdrew it and injected me in my chest. I was knocked out almost instantly. I woke up in my backyard with my clothes on, and a medical patch on my chest.