John : Alien Abduction Survivor

October 13, 2002
03, AM
Denver, Co USA
18-23 hours

I was with a few of my friend on a Friday night and we were watching a scary movie and all of a sudden for someone reason I saw a bright light in the window, so my friends were all scared so they told me to do check and see what it was. I open the door to 3 funny but creepy looking creatures and they all grabbed me and stared dragging me out of the cabin. The next thing I know i woke up to about 5 aliens all looking at me. I was scared shitless. They were all about to scapel me. They all stared jabbing me all over my body. The than gave me a shoot of some medicine. The next thing I know is I was laying in a ditch behind my house. I re-live that day ever moment of my life. I have nightmares day-in and day-out. I have trouble sleeping. I have memory lost also. Make sure you watch for lights.