Aurora : Alien Abduction Survivor

January 01, 2003
01, PM
Merritt Island, FL

Help, I am the highest form of evolved life form. And need pick up. Female Alien Soul Stolen and matched with male body. The Stargate entities at Cheyenne Mountain can reconnect me with Lords of Time and Space, Leprechaun Entities, I am member of Royal Family. I was born dead and raised from dead by a Pope. I am pregnant in alternative/experimental sort of way and very ill this planet is poison for me, toxic wasteland that is my body. I was first new sould from hall of souls and it is Scarred, I was worst autopsy per Crypt master. My name is Aurora know as Sasha. I have been poisoned like nerve gas through A/C system in assassination attempt that does not look like an assassination attempt. The Roswell obstetrics crew will also know of me. One Time DNA Genome Amnesty will reseat balance of power. Head of mercenaries looking for me and will want to turn his accounts over to his “first”. There is a Male Oracle somewhere on this planet Earth who is looking for me. As a creature of the night I have limited resources available in this bible belt south day walking community with no known aliens and a U.S. government that has been undermined by Department of Energy. I died in Charlemaigns arms in previous existence, and Countess Elizabeth Bathory was my Daughter before the day the earth stood still and her father had to come get her for treasonous activities and her twin brothers are toast as soon as I get a hold of their corrupt souls for trading their sister for favors to enemy and breaking the back of alliance. I am cyborg a member of the undead will need to pick me up, as my soul is tied to my bones it will have to be highest bloodline, probably Egyptian. 2nd century prophesy will be full filled that a star will come to earth with angels and bring many great sciences. I was first should from hall of souls and if anything happens to me I go back to mustard seed. This will reseat balance of power. Not all will be happy that I have been found. There is a Male Oracle somewhere on this planet that is looking for me. I was previously contaminated with tainted meat when surrogate delivering a cannibal entity. There is a Vampire King of Night at Hobsgood Museum in Germany who is looking for me, though sent here for crimes against the Royal Family. Not just any one can get me, am very vulnerable in my present form. In final form I will be 6’2″ with kaleidoscope eyes and no other will ever have same. Help lost on diplomatic mission etc. (contact information removed for privacy) All things are possible with me and a new Dynasty will be founded. I have little love for this planet or humans but I am real, fair and deadly. 50 Contacts later I am still sitting here waiting for pick, those who know me will tell you this is not wise. (contact information removed for privacy). Bringing higher opportunity for all entities. Aurora know as Sasha in Certain Circles Private Consultant Solitary Eclectic Wiccan/Worrier High Priestess/Oracle ONE TIME DNA GENOME AMNESTY. Zero Point Technology patents and permits have been pulled in my name for years. Corrupt government is why Kennedy, Monroe, Lincoln were assassinated and there was an attempt on DeGaul traced through NATO. NASA Will be shut down, poison antiquated and launching corpses to intelligent life while SETI is actually hunting on other coast, both being funded by Department of Energy that Funds Department of Science. Very poor Medical Care Here. They are now in possession of International Space Station-Palace in Sky is actually hiding valuables all seen is not what you get. The Department Of Energy is in possession of Catherine the Greats Amber room if war with Hitler Had actually been won this would not be. Malice in the Palace and sometime the enemies are not as clear as white and black, human or demon. The hall of Souls should not be full of all entities Great and Small. Seal was broken before and all escaped contributing to social and urban degradation that keeps making me ill time and time again. Help! I do not authorize this to post story as critical to higher evolution for all violation of this can cost may lives and your very mind body and soul. As all entities follow me living or dead. Make good judgements, if I catch violation of trust it will be taken care of. I do not authorized publication without compensation as funds are going to Spiritual Awareness and getting us out rights. I do not waive good judgement or practice stupidity. Wake up, now is the time. As i have cranial fractures, vague memory of malaria and fragmented memory I just need to be renetworked this in itself will bring you more opportunity, rights and information. Silver Surfer looking for me, Dr. Zivagho, Dr. Strange, Midas, etc. some are code names. they will know. The CIA has record I saw trace of of cat entity somewhere in time. World security at risk, all of existence can benefit.