Charles : Alien Abduction Survivor

Details listed in story
Details listed in story
Junction, TX

When I was a child of about nine we traveled from Texas to an extremely secluded place in Arkansas for vacation. I was out plinking with my .22 rifle when I came upon the edge of a clearing in the dense woods. What I saw before me froze the blood in my veins and rooted me to the ground with fear and awe. Across the meadow sat a classic “Flying Saucer” about thirty feet in diameter and three classic little aliens complete with oversize heads and large black almond shaped eyes were standing by it staring straight at me. In an instant they disappeared. It was like an old movie that has a piece of it missing and the scene jumps forward to a later time, but still viewing the same scene from “about” the same spot. Everything “jumped” a little bit, most significantly, a stick about two feet long which had been on a path directly between the three aliens and I. How much time is missing and what occurred during that period I can’t say. I was understandably upset and left the area without even looking for evidence of my encounter. I just wandered around in the woods the rest of the day calming myself down. I didn’t tell anyone for years and when I finally did they thought i was just making it up. So I follow the “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” policy to avoid scoffers. Since you asked, the following story is my second possible “abduction” that I’m aware of. Late one night when I was in my thirties I was driving home from visiting my nephew who lived about twenty-five miles out on a ranch in the middle of nowhere. It was late and there was no traffic in this isolated area. In my rear view mirror, on a long straight stretch of road, I noticed a light suddenly appear way behind me. I thought it was a car at first, but it seemed too far away to be so bright. At that moment I realized that it looked like some UFO’s I had seen in the past. (Not the first abduction incident described above.) In a few seconds it came streaking directly towards me and as it came closer I realized it was up in the air and not on the road. The next thing I know I have a really weird feeling that I’m just waking up and I seem to be about a quarter of a mile further down the road than I was a few seconds before. I looked around and there wasn’t a car, airplane, or UFO anywhere to be seen. When I got back to my house and started undressing for bed, I noticed in the mirror what appeared to be bruising on the back of my upper right arm. Looking closer I saw that it was a rectangle about three and one-half by four inches. It was composed of rows and columns of different geometric shapes, mostly triangles and polygons if I remember correctly. They all appeared to be light bruising. When I awoke in the morning it was all gone. These two experiences combined with three known UFO sightings and one possible UFO sighting (One sighting didn’t display extreme speed and non-ballistic motion.) made a believer out of me, but those are another story. Through years of studying ancient history I have discovered the truth behind the UFO phenomenon. All I will tell you is “Be afraid, be very afraid.” The TRUTH is out there. God bless you. Sincerely, AdeptusLux

P.S. I don’t really want to be abducted again.