Anonymous : Alien Abduction Survivor

April 09, 2000
12, AM
Seattle, WA, USA

I was sleeping in my bed when I saw bright lights outside my window so I went downstairs to see where it was coming from. I went to the kitchen and opened the door and found a triangular object hovering around with three lights in each corner. Then I saw a grey creature standing in front of me. I was really scared and the next thing I knew was this bright light blinding me then I realized I was inside the spacecraft with grey creatures hovering around me. I cannot recall any memory from then on but remember waking up from my bed. Later, I found a lump behind my ear which the doctor says he cannot reach because it is protruded behind my jaw line. I didn’t know what it was then I heard that my brother’s friend had the same lump behind his ear and recall small memories of his experience and that’s when I went to the hypnotist and found out about my abduction experience.