Pamela : Alien Abduction Survivor

November 09, 1987
01 AM
London, FN UK
1 hour
Hallucinations, Hear Voices, Fear of blinking lights

Since I was very young I have always been terrified of aliens and any thing to do with them. Just the thought of the big eyes, long fingers, and big heads make me want to scream and cry.

One night while I was laying in bed, it must of been about 2:00am, I was wide awake. Every one else seemed to be asleep. My bedroom is at the top of the stairs so, if you look up the stairs, you can see into my room — depending on wether the door is open or not. Anyway, this particular night, I heard noises down stairs like footsteps and hushed whispers. I was frightened and wanted to call out to someone like my parents but. for some reason. I couldn’t.

I was too terrified to move or speak.

I thought, maybe if the thing downstairs didn’t know I was awake, they wouldn’t come up. But, as if the “Thing” read my mind, the hushed whispers and footsteps came closer to the bottom of the stairs. Then when I knew the “THING” was at the bottom of the stairs the voices and footsteps stopped, and it all went silent.

When it goes silent, thats when you start to worry.

My bedroom door was open a fraction but you can see through the crack into my room. I tried to make little as possible noise but I was finding it hard to breathe because of my phobia. I pulled the duvet closer to me and laid in silence for about 5 minutes.

Then I heard footsteps walking up the stairs, no voices just footsteps. I was sure this creature had heard me. Through the crack in my door I could see a tall shadow of a figure with a massive head and thin body with long fingers and it was coming closer and closer — then it disappeared. I actually thought I had dreamt the whole thing.

I was soaking from sweat.

I peered over my duvet and stared at the door. I had a strange feeling as if someone was watching me through the crack in my door as I looked at the door, there were those big black dark eyes starring straight at me.

I tried screaming but no noise came out.

Suddenly, the figure vanished for a couple of seconds then reappeared just centimeters form my face — those eyes burning mine. I used all my strength to scream but still nothing. All of a sudden it was as if someone just pushed a button to let my voice out my scream was so loud and deafening!. And with that, the alien was gone!

I felt as though they were hypnotizing me so I couldn’t move or scream. I can never sleep without thinking back to that night. My phobia of aliens has grown worse and I can not even watch something on T.V about aliens because I will have nightmares and hallucinations. And if I see pictures of them, I burst into tears, I feel threatened.