Steve : Alien Abduction Survivor

August 23, 2003
01, AM
Poland, ME

Saturday August 23rd, Poland Maine approx. 1:00 am.

I was driving back to my hotel in Auburn, Maine. Suddenly there was blinding light everywhere. My truck’s engine just failed and I drifted off the road onto a sandy shoulder abutting the field. The truck then levitated about 6 feet off the ground and was deposited about 90 feet off the road in the middle of the field. Terrified, I scrambled from the car and while I was in the field a basketball sized orb of light suddenly flew toward me and stopped inches in front of my face. The orb began to spin. It was colorful (like carnival glass), I remember becoming calm and then, I must of lost consciousness. When I awoke I was naked and lying on a surface about the size of a twin bed, except the surface appeared to be translucent and unsupported, it seemed to be floating. The chamber I was in (and the floating surface) seemed to be made of the same shimmering material as the orb. As I was sitting there very calmly several, at least six, beings came into the chamber through a portal that seemed to just open in the chambers wall, like a mouth. Their skin was the color of ripe plums (dark purple), their “hands” were cone shaped and seemed to have eight opposable digits of the same length webbed together with no break in the webbing. Their two eyes were almond shaped with pale blue/silver irises against a black pupil. Their eyes had no whites and one seemed slightly larger than the other. Some aliens had a larger right eye, some a larger left. Their heads and mouths were like a turtle’s. They seemed to have small indentations on either side of their heads, but no openings (ears?) They were bent forward and moved like birds except their legs seemed to be heavier. They were of varying heights, between 5 feet and 6’6″. I think there were two sexes. The “females” appeared to have a small (4″-6″) trench-like depression in the small of there back between where their legs joined. I think there was an elongated sphincter type opening in the depression. The “males” seemed to have a small protuberance high on their torso with a valve like opening in its center. the protuberance was not phallic, but more like a 4″ long vertical mound. I could easily imagine the “male” leaning over the “female” from behind and secreting a type of sperm into the females depression. There also seemed to be some kind of eliminatory opening between their legs. I could not see their feet. I was strangely calm as they examined me. They waved “wands” over my body which turned colors. They took blood through a clear suction type device which did not pierce my skin but seemed to draw the blood through the surface (like I was sweating blood). They trilled and made vibrating and purring sounds to each other during the exam. They also extracted my semen through a device similar to the blood taking suction cup. The chamber was extremely warm, they may not have been warm blooded. When they had finished their exam, the orb appeared over my face again and I lost consciousness again. I awoke naked in a fetal position next to my truck in the field. My clothes were in a pile nearby. I was still very calm and drove back to my hotel. I examined myself in the mirror and noticed a round suction mark on my torso where the blood was extracted and a suction ring around the base of my penis. I slept until Sunday afternoon. When I awoke, the suction marks had faded. I am going back to the abduction site in October to see if I can find any evidence of the abduction.