Joana : Alien Abduction Survivor

June 02, 2002
06, PM
Newport, FN, UK
Aprox. 1 Day

I was taking a shower one evening when I heard some banging at the shower door. I went over to see what it was when I became paralyzed and fell onto the floor. I woke up in a very tight tube. I was still naked. My arms where crossed along my chest. There was a tube I my mouth so I couldn’t scream. I was also in a crouching kind of position. My knees where bent slightly. The tube was very cold. The tube then disappeared and so did the tube in my mouth. I collapsed onto the floor. The next thing I know I am lying on my stomach on a silver table with my hands to my sides. I felt a slight pain in my upper back. Then I heard a deafening sound. Then I am in a circular room. I saw the people. They were grey with purple eyes thats all I remember. I had to give them a blood and urine sample. I then wake up on my bathroom floor. The date was 3rd of June. The last time I had looked it was the 2nd of June. When I looked in the mirror I had a circular mark on my upper back which disappeared after 2 days.