alien game UFO attack

Your Mission

They are invading… They are jamming the missiles auto-guidance system… You have to target manually… And if aliens land you lose!


New Game
When you are ready to play or restart, simply click the java applet.

Launch Missile
Click your mouse button once. NOTE: You may not launch another missile until the first missile has hit a UFO or moved off screen.

Guide Missile
Once you have launched a missile move your mouse to guide the missile wherever you point.

Eliminated UFOs
Each UFO you successfully shoot using your missile launcher is worth 1 point.

Launch your missiles before you even see UFOs. That way you still have time for a second shot before it reaches your base!

: Notice : did not create UFO Attack nor do we take credit for it. Our (minor) contribution was creating a new background. If you know the person(s) responsible for creating this cool game, please let us know so we can give them proper credit. Thanks, and good luck saving the universe.