Tired of the over-whelming pressure to adapt to societies shallow perception of style and what’s cool?

Looking to make a bold statement about how FAKE everything is?

Maybe pretending to be something or someone you’re not?

Then this t-shirt design is for you.

It’s time to rebel against the infectious machine of corporate logos and acknowledge what everyone already knows — EVERYTHING is fake.

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Fate magazine has been an icon of reporting the truth about aliens, UFOs, ghost, and other strange and unknown phenomenon.

But what about all the reports, sightings, documents, photographs and stories that have proven to be false? Just because they were a little exaggerated doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be recognized for their skill, imagination and the cojones it took to create them, right?

FAKE” is about acknowledging the imagination of fabricated photos, tall tales, conspiracy theories and other strange or otherwise unknown phenomenon of pure make-believe.

FAKE” is about displaying them in their full and glorious splendor. A celebration of wit, wonder and imagination. So join us for an exciting and humorous journey down that slippery road between fact and fake. It may not be real, but we promise it will be fun.

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