by Kathleen Fiore

The decision has been made.

The LAB must be terminated.

Our funding can no longer be supported by the government, which saw this as a reasonable way of promoting science in genetic bioengineering. Other governments were eager to show interest as well, at the creativity in which, we, the lead team, had blueprinted and marketed our ideas. With such great support we entered into this lab to produce results that would stagger and cause great talk and excitement among our peers and the general public. But for the moment we were confined to do all of our experiments and testing in secret within a remote location away from public scrutiny.

At the time we were granted this funding from the government it was strictly on the condition that our experiments would include testing for rare strains of bacteria’s and viruses on a limited basis and within certain populations for research purposes. Death and sickness to the creatures would be inevitable in some circumstances but for the most part it would only affect a few in the entire experiment from time to time. And although we resented these conditions to which to do our work, we accepted.

We are saddened of course that this great financial source has been pulled from beneath us, but we, ourselves can no longer argue as to the effectiveness and cost of maintaining such a large project. The government has told us that our energy could be much more useful in other areas as they feel we have become too personal with our work.

But, we as humanitarians are desperate. My colleagues and I were the creators and builders of this genetic creature. We heavily spliced primate DNA with only about 5% of our code. At this time we are in the most grievous moods and search within each other for comfort and support.

My DNA alone is in a multitude of these creatures. My colleagues each have their own splices, which give these lifeforms their own characteristics and definition. We can always tell by these races to which team member was its donor. Their features mimic ours in subtle ways. Though ape like and ungraceful they possess the qualities common to us such as lesser body hair and distinct facial expression. Therefore, we view them as our children and brothers.

In the beginning, we were astounded at their understanding and capabilities. We excitedly developed a habitat that would sustain them and remove them from our presence in order that we would not influence behavior. This approach allowed us better chances at monitoring development without direct interaction. And as a bonus, the primates seemed much happier having less confinement. We applauded ourselves for our intuitiveness.

We, in the onset, tried to teach to the 5% of code we blended into them. This code within them could relate to the arts and language, science and basic mathematics in order to give them foundation. These elementary skills coupled with the inherited emotions of conscience, empathy and gentleness as well as others gave us great hope of the primates’ ability to sustain themselves and grow within their habitat. At the onset we would from time to time interact with them and bring some knowledge into their lives and we were greeted with great excitement upon our arrivals. It was only through decision that we concluded to remove ourselves permanently in order to allow them to learn for themselves through the irresistible urge of curiosity.

Though their languages and tribal systems were rudely constructed, we could see method and were impressed that the inherent characteristics would mirror our own in many ways. And though the ape in them was the dominant trait at this point, you could faintly see a struggle to resist this pull to nature in order for higher understanding. But this was very short lived and to our disappointment…. disastrous.

This is our greatest sin against these creatures, as we did not foresee the inevitable reversion into primate behavior through over-breeding and loss of contact from us. Small pockets of these creatures are approachable without any fear or superstition and even this is extremely dangerous as the populations are swelling uncontrollably and interfering. With our own implanted intellect these creatures have become brutish and violent and using our basic teachings to create severely crude weapons in order to eliminate one another. The leaders have turned selfish and gluttonous and employ primate soldiers to intimidate and rule the masses. Other leaders resort to manipulating the imagination of fear in the unknown certainty of death by creating gods and demons to frighten. These leaders along with our scientist continuously inserting viruses and bacteria’s into the habitat causing death among them gave them a sense to false morality and mortality. Idol worship was rampant and simple technology resulted in laziness, as a dependency on these gadgets became commonplace.

The primate instinct of territory is constantly being warred over among the tribes and though we initially sought to help them with the elements for productive use they quickly learned the destructive potentials and used these against each other. At this point the biosphere we created for them is being abused and fouled to dangerous unlivable degrees. Natural resources are being depleted at alarming rates and held in times by extortive principals.

Arts were gradually being distorted and rather then creating a positive uplifting source it was slowly becoming degrading and decadent without much substance. Music has gradually become a violent primal scream of rage and vulgarity.

Medicine, though more advance than in the past is still very gruesome and rudimentary and as far as we can tell causes the animal more pain and suffering than the actual disease. Crude chemicals are prepared to alter symptoms rather than cure.

Sexual behavior was the ruling animal instinct so evident in these times. These creatures, our genetic children, were turning the sex instinct to new levels of perversion due to our implanted DNA, which has notes of high creativity. This creativity has turned into a powerful influence toward the destruction of morality. For now it is used primarily in deceit, greed, and degradation.

We have researched signs of language, primitive literature and thought being lost or incompressible to the tribes’ inability to continue teaching to the youngest through their own loss to the ape DNA within them.

Coupled with over-breeding and violence within their habitat and loss of proper skills, we sense a hopelessness among the few who try desperately to maintain some thought and strive to improve themselves and promote peace under such conditions.

The majority of these creatures tend to live upon their emotions and impulses and react upon them without much thought to consequence. This is the animal within them, that refuses to maintain some control, is the reason we have posted our apology to the governments for our lack of foresight. We had genuine intentions when creating these animals and did so with great hope of future progresses. Our research though interesting and informative does not lift the guilt my colleagues and I are presently feeling as we receive the termination method for the animals we have grown so close to studying for most of our careers.

They are to die by the V43 virus inserted into the biosphere. This virus will not be thwarted by their primitive technology. It will destroy them quite effectively. We are saddened that there will be creatures that did not deserve this end to their successful lives but we are helpless at this point and decided that total abandonment would be a much less humanitarian answer to our dilemma.

At this point, we will leave in mourning and regret and with better understanding to the planets from which we came and in the very ships from which we closely monitored our creations from so far above their atmosphere and sight.

And to you, our genetic children, we hope you have loved in some part this habitat you called Earth as we have.

We will meditate on your souls as we would for our own.

We are sorry.

So very sorry.

The End.

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