science fiction story submission guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting your creative science fiction material to We’ve prepared these guidelines to help you with the submission process.

Subject Matter

Although science fiction covers a wide spectrum of subjects, alien-technology strongly recommends your story stay within the subject matter of aliens, extraterrestrials, UFOs, etc. Here is a partial list of typical accepted subjects.

  • Alien Experiments
  • DNA Resequencing
  • Alien Impregnation
  • UFO Sightings and Crashes
  • Alien Abductions
  • Government Conspiracy and Cover-ups
  • Secret Societies
  • Black Holes
  • Alien Invasions (War of the Worlds, etc.)
  • Alien Artifacts
  • Area 51 (Groom Lake)
  • Project Blue Book
  • Space Odyssey

Content does not accept any material containing explicit adult material or terminology. Any submitted story containing such material will not be published.


Hey, this is science FICTION — it’s not supposed to be true. As long as it’s entertaining, fun, well written and falls under the subject matter stated above — we’ll review it for publication.

Photos and Artwork

Original graphics, photos and illustrations can really spice up a story and make it more appealing to the reader. They are also great for adding atmosphere to the content of your story. Just remember, all stories, illustrations, graphics and photographs must be legally reproducible. If you are using illustrations, photos, or text from other published sources, they may fall under copyright law. You are responsible for obtaining permissions for use from either the publisher or copyright holder before your story is accepted for publication. We cannot assume items are in the public domain unless you tell us so and give the source and year of publication.


The primary goal of any story submitted to should be to entertain the reader. The reader should come away from reading your story with a feeling that their time was well spent.


  • If possible, please submit your story in Microsoft Word.doc format
  • If you are using an unusual word processing program, save it as a plain text (.TXT), or .RTF format
  • Place identification at the top of each page. Include your name, the story title, and page numbers
  • Keep a copy of your manuscript in case of loss. We do not accept responsibility for materials sent to us


  1. Run spell check! will not publish submitted stories that contain typographical and grammatical errors.
  2. Run spell check again! Sometimes you will miss something the first time around.
  3. Print out your story and have a close friend or relative proof read it for you. Although spell check will catch misspellings, more often than not, it will not know that you intended to use “it’s” instead of “its”.
  4. Wait a day or so and then re-read your story. It’s amazing how a little time away can give you a new perspective on how your story is written. Sometimes changing a word or two or rearranging sentence structure can make all the difference.
  5. Don’t rip off other writer’s work. You’re creative enough to come up with your own great stuff


  • All submissions become property of the and deemed for publication without compensation unless otherwise requested
  • retains all rights to the stories, illustrations, graphics and photographs that we accept and publish. This entitles to use the story again, in print or in any other media, including but not limited to radio, film, and electronic media. It does not prevent you from sending a substantially different story on the same subject to another publication
  • We like to see our writers published! If you’re having a book published that includes material from an story you have published on alien-technology, write to us, giving details, and we will send you written authorization to use the article at no charge as long as alien-technology is credited as the original source
  • If you have questions about this policy or about re-selling your work elsewhere, please write to us with your specific question and we will send a detailed reply
  • Original manuscripts, photographs, illustrations, documentation, etc., that are published will remain the property of alien-technology looks for new writers and encourages them. We hope that your inquiry is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship!

Editorial Staff