real alien and ufo sightings 26-30

Bob : UFO survivor

Nov. 11, 1945
1st Kind
Dallas, Texas
Insomnia : Scars/Marks : Implants : DNA Resequencing : 0Alien Impregnation : Fear of blinking lights : Insatiable appetite for Reese’s Piece

Ship circular, approximately 7 miles in diameter, the aliens themselves where 7 inches in height. They where traveling upwards, they looked as if the where made of plastic. I now have a blue eye, and a small green one, a lingering smell of moon cheese.

Marvin : Alien UFO survivor

Feb. 15, 2005
2nd Kind
Macon, Georgia

I was coming home from work at 2:00; I work at a local pub. On the way home my car began to slow down & stalled. I knew it wasn’t a mechanical problem because I just purchased it. As you can guess I was highly upset. I got out of my car and looked under the hood to see if maybe I could see something or smell a leak. As I was going to the trunk I heard a low-pitched humming. I thought it was from my car but for some reason I looked up and I saw a triangular object hovering over me at about 100 yards or so. The object had bright white lights and a large dome on the under part. It didn’t seem that big, but as it came closer I noticed how large it really was. I moved slowly. I watched it for five or six minutes then I went to get my camera when I reached into my car the engine began to run again. The object was gone.

Mark : UFO survivor

Feb. 25, 2005
4th Kind
16 hours 25 minutes
Insomnia : Hallucinations : Hear Voices : Fear of blinking lights

I was outside with my wife my kid and my neighbor bill when the lights in the house went crazy. The time stopped except for me, then the aliens came. They beamed me up to they massive ship. It was shaped like a fat banana. The creatures inside looked like a mixture between humans and insects of all kinds. There was a king that was foaming at the mouth. He was curled up into a ball and when the slaves brought him the wrong latte he turned around and ate them in one bite. It was gruesome, purple goo splattered all over me I believe that it was their blood. After all this they came up to me and extracted my spleen. I watched as they dissected it. Then they injected one of their high-tech tools into my blood stream then I woke up in my bed. They stole my best Spongebob Squarepants undergarments. I swear to some day get them back from those bastards.

Nathan : UFO survivor

May 13, 2004
2nd Kind
Brisbane, Australia
Hear Voices

Well I was driving down the highway with my dad doing his usual trip to Sydney, it must have been about 1:30 am when dad spotted two bright lights coming up fast behind him, dad must have been doing about 125km’s an hour and the lights were still coming fast. Dad sped up to 130km’s an hour when the lights caught up to us, dad swerved of the road. Then we were back on the road doing the speed limit. The only thing wrong with the semi was, the on board computer was fried, and the battery was haled drained.

Kellen : Alien UFO survivor

Jul. 13, 2004
1st Kind

The size was huge, rectangular shaped thing, it looked like it was some kind of metal, and I was probably only 1/2 mile away from it. It was going North of where I was standing. It had these huge lights that kept changing different colors like pink, blue, green. It made no noise at all when it went over us I was in dispel and I could not stop staring at it. I know imp only a kid and adults laugh at us and think we are stupid and they think we are going paranoia. But imp 12 and I know I saw something, so any one out there that doesn’t believe in aliens thinks again!