alien movies 1960-1969

Comprehensive list of alien movies of the 1960’s, made between 1960-1969. The database includes including movie title, year, and movie director.

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Alien Movies (1960-1969)

Alien / SciFi Movie TitleYearDirector
Assignment Outer Space Buy Now1960Antonio Margheriti (as Antony Daisies)
First Spaceship on Venus Buy Now1960Kurt Maetzig
First Men in the Moon1964Nathan Juran
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Buy Now
1964Nicholas Webster
Wizard of Mars1964David L. Hewitt
Dr. Who and the Daleks1965Gordon Fleming
The Human Duplicators
Also known as;
Agente spaziale K1
Jaws of the Alien
Space Agent K1
1965Hugo Grimaldi
Invaders from Space Buy Now1965Koreyoshi Akasaka, Teruo Ishii
The Wizard of Mars
Also known as;
Horrors of the Red Planet
Journey Into the Unknown
1965David L. Hewitt
Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.1966Gordon Flemyng
Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors
Also known as;
Alien Massacre
The Blood Suckers
Gallery of Horror
Gallery of Horrors
The Witch's Clock
1966David L. Hewitt
Evil Brain from Outer Space Buy Now1966Koreyoshi Akasaka, Teruo Ishii
Purple Death from Outer Space Buy Now1966
Time Travelers, The1966Robert Dunham
Zontar the Thing From Venus Buy Now1966Larry Buchanan
Bomb Voyage1967Robert McKimson
They Came From Beyond Space1967Freddie Francis 
Quatermass and the Pit1967Roy Ward Baker
Incredible Invasion, The
Also known as;
Alien Terror
Invasi—n siniestra
Sinister Invasion
Alien Terror
1968José Luis González de León
Jack Hill (I)
Juan Ibáñez (I)
Monitors, The1969Jack Shea (III)
Thin Air
Also known as;
The Body Stealers
Invasion of the Body Stealers
Out of Thin Air
Alien Invasion
1969Gerry Levy
Zeta One
Also known as;
Alien Women
The Love Factor
1969Michael Cort
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