alien movies 1980-1989

Comprehensive list of alien movies of the 1980’s, made between 1980-1989. The database includes including movie title, year, and movie director.

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Alien Movies (1980-1989)

Alien / SciFi Movie TitleYearDirector
Alien, The1980Rudolf van den Berg
Alien Dead
Also known as;
Alien Dead, The
It Fell from the Sky
Swamp of the Blood Leeches
1980Fred Olen Ray
Alien 2 sulla Terra1980Ciro Ippolito
Biagio Proietti
Also known as;
Alien Contamination
Astaron - Brut des Schreckens
Contamination - Alien arriva sulla terra)
Contamination: Alien on Earth
Toxic Spawn
1980Luigi Cozzi
Day Time Ended, The1980John 'Bud' Cardos
Return, The
Also known as;Alien's Return, The
1980Greydon Clark
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back1980Irvin Kershner
Without Warning
Also known as;
Alien Warning
It Came Without Warning
Warning, The
Alien Shock
1980Greydon Clark
Invaders form the Deep1981David Lane
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial1982Steven Spielberg
Horror Planet1982Norman J. Warren 
Illegal Alien1982 
Liquid Sky1982Slava Tsukerman
Mysterious Two1982Gary Sherman
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan1982Nicholas Meyer
Thing, The1982John Carpenter
Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn
Also known as;
Alien's Deadly Spawn, The
Deadly Spawn
Return of the Alien's Deadly Spawn
1983Douglas McKeown
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi1983Richard Marquand
Strange Invaders1983Micha Laughlin
Xtro1983Hany Bromk Davenport
Starman1984John Carpenter
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock1984Leonard Nimoy
Alien Outlaw1985Phil Smoot
Alien Warrior
Also known as;
King of the Streets
1985Ed Hunt
Cocoon1985Ron Howard
Also known as;
Titan Find
Titan Find, The
Alien Creature
1985William Malone
Lifeforce1985Tobe Hooper
Explorers1985Joe Dante
Also known as;
Night of the Alien
1985Ronald W. Moore
Robotech1985Robert V. Barron
Noboru Ishiguro
Star Crystal1985Lance Lindsay
Aliens1986James Cameron
Also known as;
1986Tim Kincaid
Cosmos Mortal
Also known as;
Alien Predator
Alien Predators
Falling, The
Mutant 2
Mutant II
1986Deran Sarafian
Critters1986Stephen Herek
Invaders from Mars1986Tobe Hooper
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home1986Leonard Nimoy
TerrorVision1986Ted Nicolaou
Alien Private Eye
Also known as;
Alien P.I.
Lemro, Private Eye
1987Vik Rubenfeld
Alarming Trends1987Ronnie Cramer 
Evil Spawn
Also known as;
Alien Within
Alive by Night
Deadly Sting
1987Kenneth J. Hall
Ted Newsom
The Hidden

(Opening scene has one of the best car chases on film)
1987Jack Sholder
Mind Benders
Also known as;
Alien High
Invasion of the Mindbenders
1987Eugenie Joseph
Oigyeseo on Ulemae 3:
Jeongyeok seulijagjeon

Also known as;
Ulemae from Outer Space 3:
Alien Operation
1987Cheong-gi Kim
Predator1987John McTiernan
Remote Control1987Jeff Lieberman
Alien Nation1988Graham Baker
Bad Taste1988Peter Jackson
Critters 2: The Main Course1988Mick Garris
Dr. Alien
Also known as;
I Was a Teenage Sex Maniac
I Was a Teenage Sex Mutant
1988David DeCoteau
Killer Klowns from Outer Space1988Stephen Chiodo
My Stepmother Is an Alien1988Richard Benjamin
Oigye beongaeyong
Also known as;
Alien Thunder Dragon 2
1988Sun-deok Bang
They Live1988 John Carpenter
Top Line
Also known as;
Alien Terminator
1988Nello Rossati
Alien Degli Abissi

Also known as;
Alien from the Deep
1989Antonio Margheriti
Alien Seed1989Douglas K. Grimm
Bob James (III)
Alien Space Avenger
Also known as;
Space Avenger
1989Richard W. Haines
Also known as;
Alien vom Highway, Das
1989Albert Pyun
Moj muzh - inoplanetyanin
Also known as;
My Husband Is an Alien
1989Valentin Khovenko
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier1989William Shatner
Also known as;
Alien Transformations
1989Jay Kamen
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