alien glossary : terminology “b”

Barnett, Grady L
Grady (aka Barney) Barnett worked as a soil conservation engineer based in Socorro, New Mexico. Barnett was the one that first made the connection between the Roswell Crash and the by Gerald Andersson claimed crash on the Plains of San Agustin. But his story isn’t a firsthand testimony. He died before he even got to come forward with it. So everything we know about the Barney Barnett story is just a recreation made by his best friend Vern Maltais. This story was supported by Gerald Anderssons story. But as the Geralds story there are many things that don’t make sense like times, dates, places and names. Soon both this story and the Gerald Andersson story were dismissed as hoaxes.
Beckley, Timothy
The author to the following books: “MIB Aliens Among Us”, “Mj-12 And The Riddle Of Hangar 18” (1989), “Silencers UfOs Among The Stars”” (1992).
Bedroom Visitors
Alien beings sighted in the house at night, often in the bedroom when the victim is a about to sleep.
The star system known as the home for the smallest Greys. The ones that are just about 3.5 feet in height.
Bender, Albert K.
Editor of the Space Review, a flying saucer publication which had to end their publications because of threats from three men in dark suits, and they ordered him to stop the publishing of UFO material. Bender wrote a book on the subject, “Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black”.
Bennewitz, Paul
An Albuquerque businessman who started to investigate and monitor strange electromagnetic pulses. He thought they were signals from UFOs flying near the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility near the Kirtland Air Force Base. He came to the conclusion that this must be the signals used to control abductees with. He started to monitor the signals and trying to decode them. When he thought he was on the right way he contacted the APRO but they didn’t believe his theory. So instead he contacted the AFOSI. This was in September 1980. There he met Richard Doty. Bennewitz filled in some forms sent a few of his tapes with the UFOs flying over the Nuclear Storage taped on. After this Richard Doty started to fill Paul Bennewitz with disinformation. Stories about a US Gov/Alien alliance, alien bases around the world and on the moon and about the horrible experiments the aliens performed on humans to create hybrids. Bennewitz swallowed the bait and believed in all of the stories Doty told him. Then Doty convinced William Moore to pass on more disinformation to Bennewitz and he was going into a paranoid state of mind. Later on Paul Bennewitz told John Lear about all this and he used this information in his book, Dark Side Hypothesis. Paul Bennewitz ended up insane.
Berliner, Don
He’s the author of the following book: Crash At Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval And Cover-Up Of A UFO (1992).
Berlitz, Charles
He’s the author of the Book, The Philadelphia Experiment (1979).
Black Projects
Extremely secret technological projects which the US government invests about $50 billion a year and still thinks that it’s best that no one knows about them.
Blanchard, Colonel William
The officer at the Roswell Air Force Base who authorized the press release that they’d found the wreckage of a crashed UFO.
See Aryans or Nordic
Bluebolt, Project
A project held by the US Air Force in the early 1970s to do research in antigravity.
Blue Book, Project
It all started in March 1952 as a follow up to the Sign and Grudge Projects, to find explanations to all the UFO sightings. If there was any reason to fear them as a threat to national security. And if the UFOs used any kind of advanced technology that could be useful to the US. Thousands of reports were collected, analyzed and filed according to their results and there seemed to be no problem until one of the persons who worked in the investigation team sent in his own sighting. It was filed but later when he wanted to go back and refer to it the report couldn’t be found. It had disappeared. He understood that reports that were unexplained and could cause fear in the public were sorted out of the files of Blue Book and passed on to a higher authority. A result of the Condon Report the Project Blue Book was shut down in 1969. This project was the last publicly known UFO research project led by the USAF. One of the investigators at Blue Book, Dr J. Allen Hynek, went on to start the first scientific based UFO group, the Center for UFO Studies, in 1973.
Blue fly, Operation
The logistical support for operations supporting Project Moon Dust.
An alien race that, just like the Greys, have almond shaped eyes, and according to what I’ve heard their skin is translucent. This race is considered non-hostile. They came on earth with a messages of non-violence, peace and harmony. The few that stayed at earth lived with the Hopi Indians in Northern Mexico. They called them Star warriors.
Blum, Howard
He’s the author of the book, Out There: The Government’s Secret Quest For Extraterrestrials (1990).
The British UFO Research Organizations. The largest UFO group in Great Britain and has been going on since 1964. They are doing research into UFO phenomena and also publish a bi-monthly journal called “UFO Times”.
Byrd, Admiral
The pilot who flew over the South Pole and claimed that he found an entrance to an inner earth. The flight was commissioned by J. Edgar Hoover. In 1947, prior to the expedition in which he allegedly flew for seven hours over lands ‘beyond’ the North Pole, he is quoted as saying ‘I’d like to see that land beyond on the Pole. That area beyond the pole is the centre of a great unknown’ and claimed that this was the most important expedition in the history of the world’ and that the ‘expedition has opened up a vast new land. Before his death in 1957 Byrd described the land as ‘that enchanted continent in the sky, land of everlasting mystery.