alien glossary : terminology “p”

Palmer, Ray
Ray Palmer works as the editor of “Amazing Stories”. Palmer was one of the first to exploit the UFO phenomenon and brought amazing stories to the public about UFOs based inside the earth. Ray Palmer was one of the first to publish Admiral Byrds story about the hollow earth.
A forum on the internet that was founded in 1986. It was originally distributed as a newsletter via E-mail and was meant to deal with all kinds of paranormal phenomenons but the UFO interest took over. Now it’s developed into a bunch of news groups on Usenet. On Paranet people like Robert Lazar and Milton William Cooper made their first public statements.
Pinball, Project
The Project Pinball was an attempt to track UFOs on radar. The project took place in Alaska.
Pine Gap
A military base in Australia which can be referred to as the Australian Area-51. The rumors around Pine Gap is very similar to the Area-51 rumors People claim that they have seen aliens and UFOs on the military base and in the area around it.
Plato, Project
A project which deals with the diplomatic relations with the aliens.
They are said to come from the star system Pleidas. They doesn’t appear in physical form, because they think it’s safer and instead they communicate through the channel. They are from the future, 500 years to millions of year from now. Their society operates on love.
Pluto, Project
The project to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space craft.
Pope, Nick
Between the years 1991-94 he was the UFO desk officer at the Ministry of Defense Secretaries (Air Staff) 2a, in the UK. In the beginning he was a skeptical but changed his mind and now fully believes in UFOs. He’s written a book about his time at the MoD, it’s called “Open Skies, Closed Minds: Official Reactions to the UFO phenomenon. The forward is written by Whitley Strieber.
Pounce, Project
The project which has the responsibility to recover crashed spacecraft and aliens and evaluate them to gain more knowledge about space technology. It was proposed by Kirtland AFB, early 1950s.
Pulse Detonation Engines
A strong and powerful engine that could bring a plane up to about Mach 0.2—3.0.