alien glossary : terminology “s”

The top secret installation at Area-51 where the nine gravity propelled discs were held, according to Robert Lazar.
Santilli, Ray
Music video producer and the person who brought the “Alien Autopsy” to the public.
Saucer, Project
The first Air Force UFO project. Though it wasn’t official the public knew about it.
Sea Shadow
A stealth battle cruiser constructed at Hughes Mining Barge mobile dock. It’s been active since 1983.
Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. It was founded to scan the sky for electromagnetic waves from an unknown intelligence. The SETI project was shut down by US Congress in October 1993 due to budget cuts. UFO researchers are skeptic to the project. As Dr. Pierre Guerin in “Flying Saucer Review”, “The government already knows that aliens exist and don’t use electromagnetic waves at all. It would be similar to detect Indian smoke signals using a radio receiver.”
Sigma, Project
A project started in 1954 to establish communication with aliens. The project is said to have succeeded in 1964 when a USAF officer met two aliens at a prearranged location in a desert in New Mexico. In the 1986 Defense Marketing Services Code Name Directory there is another Project Sigma listed as a “Top Secret Air Force program involving Rockwell International”. Officially the Project has been identified as a laser weapon project.
Sign, Project
The first official USAF investigation and it started in January 1948. Founded to find out what UFOs were. The project ended in February 1049 and came up with the result that 20 % of all reports were unexplainable.
The SIGnals INTelligence section of the NSA.
Members of the Confederation of Humans. Also the name of the most luminous star in our night sky. Goes under the name Dog Star and in Egypt it is called Sothis. They used it to set the beginning and ending of a year. One year was called a Sothis Year and measured about 365 days.
Smith, Wilbert B.
In the 1950s Wilbert Smith was a senior radio engineer with the Canadian Government Department of Transport. Wilbert held a Masters degree in electrical engineering as well as several patents and he was a highly respected scientist. Wilbert Smith was the head engineer in the top secret Project Magnet established on 2nd December 1950. A project to look into magnetic theory relating to UFO Propulsion. In 1961 Wilbert Smith died.
Snowbird, Project
A top secret project established in 1972 and is still ongoing. It was established to research, develop and implement alien spacecraft technology and test fly recovered UFOs. There is a theory about the UFO involved in the Cash/Lundrum case was a craft built by the Air Force as a part of the Project Snowbird. However the project is said to be a cover-up to put a shadow over the Redlight project. In the 1963 Gale Research’s Code Names Dictionary there is another Project Snowbird listed as a “Joint Army/Air Force peacetime military exercise in the sub-arctic region in 1955”.
Star Warriors
See Blues.
Steiger, Brad
Brad Stieger is the author of the following books: Mysteries Of Time and Space (1974), Other Worlds, Other Universes: Playing The Reality Game (1975), Philadelphia Experiment And Other UFO Conspiracies (1991), Project Bluebook (1976), The Fellowship and the The UFO Abductors (1988).
Stevens, Wendelle
Wendelle is a UFO Author and a believer of the Billy Meier story. Wendelles has written the following books: UFO Abduction At Maringa (1988), UFO Contact From Reticulum Update, UFO Contact From Reticulum Vol. 1 (1981), UFO Contact… Pleiades Sup.Rep (1982), UFO Photographs Around The World, Vol. 1, UFO Photographs Around The World, Vol. 2.
Strieber, Whitley
Whitley Striber is an author who started to write about his own experiences as an abductee. One of Whitley Striebers books, Communion, has been made into a film. Strieber has written the following books: The Wolfen, Wolf of Shadows, Communion: A True Story (1987), Transformation: The Breakthrough (1988), Majestic (1989), Breakthrough: The Next Step (1995) and Billy.
Stringfield, Leonard
Leonard Stringfield was the one who created the term “UFO retrievals” and brought the subject to the public. Stringfield spent much of his time investigating this subject and wrote the following books on the same subject: The Ufo Crash-Retrieval Syndrome: Status Report Ii: New Sources (1980), The Ufo Crash/Retrievals: Amassing The Evidence – Status Report Iii (1982).
Sundberg, Jan-Ove
Jan-Ove was born in 1947, Sweden, and for the last 30 years he’s been researching the UFO phenomenon. 1983-86 he was the Chief editor for “The Unknown” a Swedish title. He’s the author of the books “Phantom Submarines” and his latest work “The Great Lake Monster”. Jan-Ove writes for the Brittish UFO Magazine.