alien glossary : terminology “r”

Radar Cases
See Hynek Classification System.
Radar Visual Cases
See Hynek Classification System.
The Royal Air Force of Great Britain.
Ramey, General Roger
Roger Ramey worked as an officer at the Roswell Air Force Base in 1947. Ramey was the officer who immediately ordered a second press release saying that it was a weather balloon that had crashed in the desert. Not a UFO as the first press release said. All concerned people were also ordered by Ramey not to speak to reporters about the incident.
Randle, Kevin
Kevin Randle is a Ufologist and author most known for his books about the Roswell Incident. Randle has through his detailed research been able to obtain many new evidences about the case. One of the most important things is the date the crash, from the 2nd July to the 4th of July in 1947. Kevin Randle is the author of the following books: A History Of UFO Crashes (1995), The October Scenario: UFO Abductions and Theories about them (1988), The Truth About The UFO Crash At Roswell (1994), The UFO Case book (1989) and the UFO Crash At Roswell (1991).
Randles, Jenny
Jenny Randles is a UFO researcher and Author. Jenny has written the following books: Abduction: Over 200 Documented UFO kidnappings Investigated (1988), Alien Contact (1982), Could UFOs Be Real? (1991), Crop Circles, A Mystery Solved (?), From Out Of The Blue: The Incredible UFO Cover-Up At Bentwaters NATO Air Base (1993), Looking For The Aliens And A Psychological Imagined and Scientific Investigation (1991), Science And The UFOs (1985), Sky Crash: A Cosmic Conspiracy (1984), Strange and Unexplained Mysteries Of The 20Th Century (1994), The Pennine UFO Mystery (1983), The UFO Conspiracy: The First Forty Years (1987), UFO Reality: A Critical Look At The Physical Evidence (1983), UFO Retrievals: The Recovery of Alien Spacecraft (1995), UFO Study (1981), UFOs and How To See Them (1992), UFOs: A British Viewpoint and the Worlds Best UFO Stories (1994).
Recovered Space Crafts
The most known are Roswell (twice), Aztec, Mexico and Texas and some other.
Redlight, Project
The project that is held at Area-51 to test fly captured flying saucers. Mention of this project has appeared in several FOIA documents and witness accounts.
Theory about aliens created all of our major religions. They also claim that they through hybridization created Homo Sapiens, Jesus and that the whole crucifixion is filmed on tape.
They’re an evil reptilian race from the star system Daco. They use implants to control the Greys, and they in turn use implants to control humans. Their own planet is dying and they need anew one and are going to invade earth with a large army in the mid 90s. They eat human as food. Also known as Reptilians.
Roswell Autopsy
Event in which an autopsy was performed on aliens recovered from an alien spacecraft which crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947. See Alien Autopsy Scrubs
Roswell Autopsy Team
Elite team of advanced medical, biological, and military experts who performed the alien autopsy. View their alien-blood splattered medical uniforms (scrubs)
Roswell Crash
In New Mexico, the night of 2nd July 1947 something crashed an was found by the rancher Mac Brazel. Different sources claims that they’ve seen the space craft and its entities. But the wreckage and aliens were captured by the military and kept as a secret.
Russian UFO Research Station.
Rutkowski, Chris
Chris is a Ufologist and author and has written some pieces for the Flying Saucer Review. One of Rutkowskis best articles are about the Falcon Lake case were Stephen Michalek witnessed and touched a UFO.