alien glossary : terminology “t”

Throughout Northeast New Mexico a mysterious humming noise have been reported by the local residents. This could have a connection with some of the other strange phenomenons that occur along the New Mexico/Colorado border as strange lights, black helicopters and cattle mutilations. But there has not been any evidence of the origin of the humming reverberating noise yet.
Tectonic Strain Theory
A theory that used to explain all kinds of mysteries like UFOs, ghosts, giant sea creatures and snowmen, and religious experiences. It’s based on the electromagnetic effects on the human brain and the physical environment. It’s the seismic activity that generates the electromagnetic radiation and it’s the radiation that fools the human mind. A second theory is that the EMM radiation can glow and look a bit like a flying saucer.
Todd, Richard
Richard Todd is a U.S. Ufologist and a member of CAUS. Todd has been working hard to obtain UFO related documents under the FOIA and he has managed to release hundreds of documents.
Townsend Brown, Thomas
Thomas Townsend Brown has been flying his own secret design of a metal disc for more than 30 years. The biggest reached about 30 inches in diameter. The discs were tethered to a mast or pole and the thin double discs flies in a circle around the pole all by itself. While flying it gave a low humming sound and it glowed in the dark with an eerie lavender light indicating their power which is a kind of electricity. The force that keeps the disc in the air is called “Electric Wind”.
Tasmanian Unidentified Flying Object Investigation Centre.
Turner, Karla
Karla Turner was a Ufologist and abduction researcher.
Twining, Nathan F.
During World War II Twining was the Commander of bombing operations in both Europe and Pacific. In 1945 he was appointed Commanding-General of the Air Materiel Command, based at Wright Patterson AFB. Twining is said to have been one of the members of the MJ-12.
Twinkle, Project
A study of “green fireballs” seen in New Mexico. The Project was consulted by the astronomer Dr Lincoln LaPaz from the University of New Mexico. But every time the investigators arrived the fire balls disappeared and therefor they thought that they were controlled by some kind of intelligence and the project was shut down.