alien glossary : terminology “W”

Walters, Ed
Ed Walters lives in Gulf Breeze were he, his wife and hundreds of the residents have witnessed UFOs. Ed have taken several pictures of the UFOs and written the following books: The Gulf Breeze Sightings, UFO Abductions In Gulf Breeze (1994).
Whirlwind, Project
1948 M.I.T UFO Study.
Wingfield, George
George Wingfield studied at the Eton College and the Trinity College in Dublin. In 1966 Wingfield graduated with an MA Hons degree in Natural Sciences. After that he worked for the Royal Greenwich Observatory and later for IBM UK LTD. in the Systems Engineering field. Wingfield has done research in the Crop Circle phenomena and since 1987 he is one of the leading researchers on the subject. The interest in Crop Circles has lead George Wingfield into the subject of the UFO phenomena.
Winters, Randolph
Randolph is an author and has written The Pleidian Mission: A Time Of Awareness (1994).
The star in the Book of Revelation that fell on the earth when the “third angel” blew in his trumpet. Woormwood means bitterness.