alien glossary : terminology “n”

The National Aeronautic and Space Administration. NASA was established in 1958 to coordinate and direct aeronautical and space research program in the United States. NASA is a civilian agency but cooperates with CIA, NSA, NRO and other agencies. Because of the sensitive aspects of many of the NASA research programs many of its personnel have high security clearances owing. Among all of these programs one of them are about research of the UFO phenomena.
North Atlantic Treat Organization.
National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. NICAP was founded in 1956 Thomas Townsend Brown, former Navy physicist. For many years NICAP was headed by Major Donald Keyhoe. Later it became known that many of the persons with high positions within NICAP used to work for CIA. Evidently NICAP was one of the civilian groups singled out by the CIA’s Robertson Panel.
Nocturnal Light
See Hynek Classification System.
Nocturnal Disc
See Hynek Classification System.
North American Aerospace Defense Command. NORAD was established to protect the North American continent from any sort of attack from the air. Every year NORAD receives about 25,000 UFO sightings of which a little percentage remains unsolved. Since 1960there has been over 10 Million of such unexplained cases.
According to the MJ-12 it’s an alien race with blond hair an human like body.
National Reconnaissance Office (or National Recon Organization). The task of NRO is to monitor and oversee international communications and the operation of the nations spy satellite system. NRO is a classified top secret intelligence agency with a budget of over $2 billion a year. It is also responsible for security for all alien or alien crafts connected projects
National Security Agency. NSA is the worlds largest eavesdropping agency and was founded in 1952 under President Truman. The NSA is based at Fort George Meade, Maryland. In 1,000 acres the NSA has its own college with over 20,000 students, television station with studio, own power station, and a total of 50,000 personnel. The NSA is divided in ten main departments. Four Operational Divisions, One training unit, Five Staff and Support Sections. There are many documents the NSA refuse to release but CAUS has managed to obtain some of them which deals with the UFO phenomena. NSRC The National Sighting Research Center. NSRC is a non-profit organization were six part-time researchers work. The researchers are specialist in DBMS (microcomputer-based data base management systems) micro telecommunications, statistical analysis, and trend analysis. NSRC gathers all forms UFO data and publishes it in computerized reports which are provided at their data base for professional Ufologists. They have published the National Sighting Yearbook since 1988. Contact NSCRs Co. Director Bob Sylvester at the address: P.O. Box 76, Emerson, New Jersey 07630.