alien glossary : terminology “m”

McDonald, Dr. James
Dr. James McDonald worked as a senior physicist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics and a Professor in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Arizona. In 1967 McDonald committed suicide in strange circumstances not long after he had tried to get NASA to take on the responsibility of UFO reports. In the report he said: “Curiously, I have said this both in NASA and fairly widely reported public discussion before scientific colleagues, yet the response from NASA has been nil… Even attempting to get a small group within NASA to undertake a study group approach to the available published effort seems to have generated no response. I realize, of course, that there may be semi-political considerations that make it awkward for NASA to fish in these waters at present, but if this is what is holding up serious scientific attention to the UFO problem at NASA this is all the more reason Congress had better take a good hard look at the problem and reshuffle the deck… I have learned from a number of sources that the Air Force has long wished to get rid of the burden of the troublesome UFO problem and has twice tried to ‘peddle’ it to NASA – without success”.
Mack, John Dr.
John Mack is a Psychologist and abduction investigator. He is the author of Abductions and Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens (1994).
Magnet, Project
A project established on 2nd December 1950 to look into magnetic theory relating to UFO Propulsion. The Head Engineer Wilbert Smith stated in an interim report dated 25th June 1952: “If, as appears evident, the Flying Saucers are emissaries from some other civilization, and actually do operate on magnetic principles, we have before us the Fact that we have missed something in magnetic theory but have a good indication of the direction in which to look for the missing quantities. It is therefore strongly recommended that work on Project Magnet be continued and expanded to include experts in each of the various fields involved in these studies”.
Code word for the President of the United States, used for communications regarding the MJ-12.
Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence. The agency which is responsible for all information, disinformation around UFOs and aliens. Operates in conjunction with the CIA, NSA and the DIA.
Stands for MAJI controlled and is the clearance and classification of all connected material, projects and information involving aliens.
Majority, Operation
The operation which deals with everything that concerns aliens on earth.
Marfa Lights
Lightballs bouncing around in the air and changing colors. Named after the town they first was sighted in, Marfa, Texas. There are many theories on what they are, like swamp gas, car lights, ball lightning and of course some kind of alien space ships.
Mariani, Dennis
According to Robert Lazar Dennis Mariani was his boss at the Area S-4 when he worked on the recovery of captured alien crafts.
Martin, Jorge
Jorge Martin is a Ufologist from Puerto Rica. Since 1975 Jorge has investigated over a hundred UFO incidents in the island of Puerto Rico. Jorge has also written several articles about the apparent “abduction” of US Navy jets, an encounter between human beings and alien beings in the Cabo Rojo area and the sightings of UFOs alongside military aircraft.
Memory Loss
A common experience after an abduction. Many use hypnosis to bring back their memories.
Men in Black
The MIBs are a group of individuals dressed in black suits and driving unmarked black vehicles, such as cars and helicopters. Their mission seems to be to threat people who have claimed that they’ve had a close encounter of any kind, not to talk about the incident.
Menzel, Donald H
Donald Menzel is director of the Harvard College Observatory. Menzel was involved the National Security Agency and held a Top Secret Ultra security clearance. It is said that Donald Menzel was a member of the MJ-12 as an astronomical consultant. Menzel is the author of the following books: Flying Saucers (1953), The UFO Enigma: The Definitive Explanation Of The UFO Phenomenon (1977) and The World Of Flying Saucers: A Scientific Examination Of A Major Myth Of The Space Age (1963).
See Men in Black.
Michalek, Stephan
Stephan witnessed and also managed to touch a landed UFO on 20th May 1967. After the incident he became ill. This incident is more known as the Falcon Lake case.
Missing Time
A phenomenon involved with close encounters and UFOs. The anti gravity field bends the gravity and time slows down. That’s why time is missing.
Majestic Twelve. A secret control group. President Eisenhower started a secret society known as The Jason Soci ety (The Jason Scholars) to find out about all this alien fuzz. It was made up of 32 of the most promising men in the country, 1972. 12 of them were designated MJ-12 and have total control of everything, only responsible in for the President. The MJ-12 assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy when he was going to reveal the whole cover up story about the aliens on earth. They have a secret meeting place in Maryland only accessible from the air. The code name is “The Country Club” and only those with Top Secret/MAJIC clearance are allowed to go there. MJ-12 runs the CIA, FBI and the worlds drugs market. Also known as Majic-12, Majority-12 and Majesty-12.
Mogul, Project
A project held in 1947. It was a top secret project which purpose was to reveal sound waves from secret nuclear tests in Soviet, using big balloons. One of this balloons is claimed by the military to be the so called UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.
Moljebka is the most famous anomal zone on the crossing of Perm and Sverdlovsk regions. The first reference about Moljebka was made in October 29, 1984, when the Perm Ufologist Emil Bachurin (St. Korsunskja, 25-2, Perm, Russia) found the place of UFO landing (205 foot in diameter). It was a big circle in the snow. The most popular was the expedition of 1989 year in which take part the pressman Pavel Muhortov (Riga). He call this place “The Moljebka’s Triangle” (MT). This appellation was iterated in many Russians and foreign newspapers.
Moon Dust, Project
A project, officially known even though it is classified, started to retrieve space debris of foreign or unknown origin.
Mutual UFO Network. It’s the worlds largest international UFO organization Publishes the monthly “MUFON UFO Journal”.