alien glossary : terminology “o”

Oberg, James
James Oberg is a well known UFO skeptic who used to be the senior mission controller of NASA. Oberg’s an expert on the Soviet space program. Oberg is the author of the book “Red Star in Orbit”.
Old New Moon, Project
Post-Blue Book UFO investigation.
According to the MJ-12 it’s an alien race with red hair an human like body.
The star system known as the home for the taller Greys. The ones that are about 7 – 8 feet at height.
Orion Empire
Aliens like the Greys and the Reptoids, the ones that are said to be born out of negative energy. Also known as the Orion forces.
Owen, Ronnie D.
Ronnie Owen works as an hypnotist and abduction researcher. Together with Ufologists like Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Jerome Clark, Owen has worked on many famous cases. Owen has written the book Out There: The Governments Secret Quest For Extraterrestrials (1990).