alien glossary : terminology “f”

Fawcett, Lawrence
He’s been investigating UFOs for 30 years, held membership in NICAP and APRO. He did also served as the Early Warning Co-ordinator in New England for the Air Force-sponsored “Condon Committee” UFO study. Now he’s the the assistant director and chief investigator for CAUS and he’s also on the National Board of Directors for CUFOS. He has written the books Clear Intent, The Government Cover-up Of The Ufo Experience (1984),The UFO Cover-Up: What the Government wont say (1993) (Reprint of previous book).
See Richard Doty.
Face on Mars
The mysterious “mountain” on the Mars surface that some claims to be created by an intelligent life form. Others say that it’s just a strange coincidence.
FAKE (totally)
Just because a story, photo, image or sighting was, shall we say, “a little exaggerated” doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve recognition for being imaginative. FAKE is about celebrating these half-truths in all their glorious splendor. View products featuring the FAKE (FATE magazine parody) logo.
FATE Magazine
Publication that features “True Reports of the Strange and Unknown.”
Federal Emergency Management Agency. It’s referred to as the “Secret Government” of the USA. It was founded in the Richard Nixon Administrations, refined by Jimmy Carter and both the Ronald Reagan and George Bush administrations. When created it had one original concept, in case of a nuclear attack on the US Nations it should assure the survivability of US government.
Fire in the Sky
Movie based on the Travis Walton abduction case. But the real story differs from the script. They added some things to make the story dramaturgic.
Fire in the Sky
The book written by Travis Walton in which he tells about his experience as an abductee. The book reveals many details not known before.
Flying Saucer
The newspaper that published Kenneth Arnold’s story about the nine strange boomerang shaped objects that he’d seen, they called them “flying saucers” because he said that they moved like a saucer skipping over the surface of a lake. So it’s not because they looked like saucers as many believe
Flying Saucer Review
The oldest UFO journal that still exists. It was founded in the 1950s.
Freedom of Information Act. The law formed in 1966 by the US Congress that allows the public to obtain copies of classified documents with all or parts of it declassified. But it’s on order of a federal judge and if he thinks that it should stay classified it’s his decision to refuse declassification.
Foo Fighters
During World War II, both sides reported strange lights following their air crafts. Some say that they looked like shiny metallic spheres. They all believed it was some kind of a new secret weapon of the other side. But none of the sides claimed to have sent them up in the air.
Forrestal, James V.
He served as Secretary of the Navy but later on, in July 1947, he was promoted to Secretary of Defense. In March 1949 he resigned from this post due to a mental breakdown. In May the same year he died at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The cause of death was said to be suicide but there are they who believes he was murdered. Also there’s a rumor that says he was a member of the argued Majestic-12 Group.
Fort, Charles
Charles Fort was born in Albany, New York, in 1874. He became a writer and reporter and that was the beginning for Charles Fort’s interest in the UFO phenomena. Fort is probably the first known Ufologists in the world. Charles Fort started to study old news reports and did that for many years. What Fort found out was that there was a pattern of strange aerial phenomena that had been reported throughout the years. The information Fort collected under his investigations can be found in his books The book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931) and Wild Talents (1932). “Science is established preposterousness, Science of today – superstition of tomorrow. Science of tomorrow – superstition of today”. This Charles Fort said and it represents what he stood up for. What worried Charles Fort most was that the subject of UFO phenomenons wasn’t taken seriously by science. Charles Fort died in 1932. In 1973 the monthly magazine Fortean Times was founded to continue the work of Charles Fort.
Fortean Times
A monthly magazine of news, reviews on research and strange phenomena and experiences. It was founded in 1973 to continue the works of Charles Fort.
Fowler, Raymond
Raymond Fowler served with the USAF Security Service but now Fowler’s a well respected Ufologist. Raymond Fowler is well known for his methodical research of the UFO phenomena. He has changed the whole original scientific research and given it a new look. One of the many who praise Fowler’s work is Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Raymond Fowler has followed up the Betty Andreasson Luca case for 25 years and written the following books: Watchers The Secret Design Behind UFO Abduction, The Melchizedek Connection, The Allagash Abductions.
Friedman, Stanton T.
Stanton Friedman is a nuclear physicist and UFO Researcher. His work as a nuclear physicist included secret programs dealing with nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets and nuclear plants constructed to be used in space. For 37 years he’s been lecturing and doing research into the UFO phenomena. Stanton Friedman was first person to investigate the Roswell incident. Stanton Friedman has written the following books: Crash At Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval And Cover-Up Of A UFO (1992), Top Secret/Majic (1996).