alien glossary : terminology “d”

Dark Side Hypothesis
Written by John Lears and in it he claims that the US government has recovered all of the crashed space ships. And therefor they launched the Project Redlight in 1962 which purpose was to recover and test fly the space ships in S-4 at Area-51. He also claims that the US government has made a deal with the aliens to abduct abduct as many people as they wan’t in exchange for their technology. They also demanded a list of all the humans they intended to abduct. But the government found out that they didn’t kept their part in the deal and it ended up in a confrontation 1978-79. Many of the top US scientist were killed by the aliens and the deal was broken. But the abductions and experiments on humans continued in secret. In the 1980s the US government and the aliens made a new deal and are once again working together.
Dark Star
A new high-tech American spy-plane that looks and acts like a flying saucer.
Daylight Disc
See Hynek Classification System.
The specially trained army for NRO.
Defense Intelligence Agency. In 1961 by Robert McNamara established the DIA. Its task was to coordinate all U.S. Military Intelligence Services.
Used by governments all over the world to keep the truth about UFOs and other conspiracies secret to the public. They leak information that they know is false, but they also leak some information that is true.
Dodd, Tony
A former police officer, but now he’s the Director of Research for Quest International. He’s a very respected researcher of abduction cases.
Doolittle, General
A long time ago he said that we would have to reckon with the aliens.
Doty, Richard
A special AFOSI agent also know under the code name Falcon. The one who led the disinformation against Paul Bennewitz and later employed William Moore to continue the disinformation. He also had the assignment to spy on other ufologists. They made the whole UFO community blush when they came forward on “UFO Cover-Up… Live” in the US. They were claiming that EBE’s were living in secret at earth and that they loved strawberry ice-cream and Tibetan music.
One of many nicknames for Area-51.
Defence Secretariat 8
Durant Report, The
The Durant Report (aka the Roberston Panel) was a secret group of men who had meetings at Pentagon between 14-17th of January 1953 about the UFO discussion and what they should do about it. They all agreed that all sightings were explainable. But they thought that infiltrating UFO groups and monitor should be done. The members of the Robertson Panel was: Dr. H.P Robertson (Chairman) – Speciality was physics and weapons systems. Dr. Luis Alvarez – Physics and Radar. Dr. Lloyd V. Berkner – Geophysics. Dr. Samuel Goudsmit – Atomic structure and statistical problems. Dr. Thornton Page – Astronomy and Astrophysics. Dr. J Allen Hynek – Astronomy. Frederick C. Durant – Missiles and Rockets.