alien glossary : terminology “j”

Jacobs, Dr. David
An associate Professor at Temple University and through the years he has worked with over 300 abduction witnesses. One of the many abduction researchers he’s working with is Budd Hopkins.
Joint Army Navy Air Force Publication
Jason Scholars, The
See Jason Society.
Jason Society, The
It was a society started by President Eisenhower to find out if there’s any life in universe. For more information see MJ-12.
The project which was funded to build a weapon that generates a low frequency pulsed sound.
Journal of UFO Studies
Annual journal that contains scholarly papers on ufology.
Japan UFO Science Society. Publisher of the monthly JUFOSS UFO Newsletter. The President of the JUFOSS is Jun-Ichi Takanashi.
Just Cause
A quarterly published journal by CAUS. Started in the year 1984. The Staff: Lawrence Fawcett (Asst. Director & Publisher), Barry Greenwood (Research Director & Editor), Peter Gersten (Director). Address: P.O. Box 218 Coventry, Connecticut 06238.