alien glossary : terminology “l”

A Russian dog, but also the first living creature in space.
Landrum, Vickie
Vickie Landrum, her 7 year old grandson Colby and Betty Cash (Vickie’s Boss and restaurant owner) witnessed the famous Crash/Lundrum Case. They saw a UFO and around 25 black helicopters and after the incident hey all suffered from vomiting, sunburn and diarrhea.
LaPaz, Dr. Lincoln
Dr. LaPaz was an astronomer for the University of New Mexico. In 1949 the Air Force used Dr. LaPaz as a consultant when they conducted investigations into the ‘green fireball’ reports. The investigation was called Project Twinkle. LaPaz conclusion was that these fireballs were neither meteorites or conventional fireballs. Later Project Twinkle was shut down.
Lazar, Robert
Robert lazar is a scientist with master degrees in physics and electronics and wrote his thesis on MHD (magnetohydrodynamics). Lazar worked in Los Alamos as a technician and later as a physicist in the Polarized Proton Section dealing with particle accelerators. As a side project on his free time he has built a jet powered motorbike and a jet powered car and can raise a speed limit as high as 350mph. Lazar ha also designed and built a car that uses hydrogen as fuel. Robert Lazar claims to have worked at the above top secret area S-4, located ten miles south of AREA 51 in the Nevada desert. Lazar says he was employed as a scientist to examine a captured alien craft and try to reverse engineer the crafts propulsion mechanism. This was between December 1988 and April 1989. According to Lazars claims there were nine different crafts at S-4 but he only worked on one of them. Lazar learned that the crafts used a sort of propulsion system that uses gravity waves. To gain the energy needed to run the system they needed Element 115, an element not found on earth. The element can not be synthesized and just one kilogram of the element releases the same amount of energy as 47 10-megaton hydrogen bombs. Lazar claims that he had 500 pounds (227.27kg) of Element 115 to work with and that one craft only needed 223 grams of the element. Lazar says that he was allowed to go inside the craft and he also witnessed a test flight with the craft. The reason that Lazar left the work at S-4 was that he took three of his friends, one of them John Lear, to the edge of S-4 to observe the test flights at the border to S-4 through a telescope. This was on March 29th, 1989. They did see and also filmed a bright light rise in a step maneuver and hover in the air. It briefly disappeared and reappeared a few feet higher, and then the light went down the same way. The following week on April 6th 1989 they went back but this time they were caught by a security guard. Their IDs were filed in a computer at the Area-51 and they were ordered to leave the area. The following day Lazar was ordered for a meeting at the Area-51 with an FBI agent and some security guards and he was resigned. The first time the Lazar story was revealed in public was in March 1989. Under the pseudonym Dennis and in shadow with altered voice Lazar told his story on KLAS-TV. The name Dennis Lazar picked of the reason that his boss at S-4 was named Dennis Mariani. Robert Lazar finally decided to go public after he was fired at whilst traveling on an Interstate highway. This happened after Lazar got caught outside the Area S-4. The reason Lazar went public was to protect himself. If anyone would kill him after the story and his identity was publicly known that would prove that he was telling the truth. So in November 1989 Robert Lazar went on TV to tell the full story.
Lear, John
Author of the book “Dark Side Hypothesis”. He listened to the story Paul Bennewitz told him and part of it he used when he wrote the book.
Lindemann, Michael
Michael Lindemann was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1949. At the Stanford University he studied political science and psychology. During the Vietnam era Lindemann got his interest in arms control, foreign affairs and government policy. At Antioch University Lindemann finished his BA degree psychology and after that he studied two years at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. The knowledge Michael Lindemann had gained through his studies he later used as an educator, futurist and Social Analyst. In 1989 Lindemann started a private research organization called the 2020 Group. The purpose was to study the forces that shape the future. Michael Lindemann started to do investigations in the UFO phenomena to find out if there was any possible connection to covert weapons development and social policy. After having examined several cases Lindemann launched the Visitors Investigation Project to conduct and publish UFO research. In 1994 Lindemann cofounded the first online institute to study cases of human contacts with intelligent alien life forms called ISCNI, the Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence. ISCNI has many offers to the public like private classes and lectures with researchers and they also publishes a twice-monthly online newsletter called CNI News (aka ISCNI*Flash). Michael Lindemann is the President of ISCNI and the assistant editor of the CNI News. Lindemann has also held lectures in almost every state in the USA and been on many Radio/TV shows like Art Bell, Hieronimus, Sightings, Encounters, The Other Side, Paranormal Borderline etc. etc. The 2020 Group has published yhe following titles: UFOs and the Alien Presence: Time for the Truth (1990), UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints (1991,republished 1995), UFOs and the New World Order (1992), UFOs and the Alien Presence (1992, 35-minute videotape written and hosted by Michael Lindemann) and UFOs and the Global Situation” (1994, two-hour videotape and three-hour audiotape versions).
Lorenzen, Corel & Jim
The two Lorenzo brothers founded the APRO in 1952 and it became one of the longest running UFO groups. They have written the following books: Abducted! (1977), Flying Saucer Occupants (1967) and The Great Flying Saucer Hoax: The UFO Facts And Their Interpretation (1962).
Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942, The
February 25th, Los Angeles. During the second World War fired against a believed target in the sky. But when they sent up airplanes to investigate they just saw 15-20 zigzagged flying strange objects.
The claimed alien moon base on the Moon. It’s based on the far side of the moon and was seen and filmed by the Apollo crew. The aliens are running a mining operation there and also have their large mother ships there.