alien glossary : terminology “g”

Gagarin, Yuri
The Soviet cosmonaut who became the first man in space.
A project to fly recovered saucers. It’s an S-4 project.
The project responsible for the control of all information and documents regarding the UFO subject.
In 1932 strange reports about unmarked airplanes over the northern Sweden, Norway and Finland started to appear. The air crafts were piloted by mysterious figures in grey or dark hoods and goggles. The Swedish government sent out 24 Air Force biplanes in 1932 to investigate the sightings. They came up with nothing accept two crashed planes and two dead pilots.
Ghost Rockets
Over two thousand UFOs were reported in Scandinavia in 1946. They looked like missiles with a flame exhaust at one end and they travelled at various speeds. Some reports says that they landed an exploded. Analysis of the fragments showed that they were made of organic substance that resembled carbide. The investigation was closed by the Army after a Greek investigation publicly announced that these were not missiles. This was in the year 1967.
Gibbs-Smith, Charles H.
Invented the Gibbs-Smith’s rule. It goes “The strangeness of a case increases in proportion to the distance, in either time or geographical distance, between the investigator and the location of the report.”
Good, Timothy
The author of “Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-Up”, “Beyond Top Secret: The World Wide UFO Security Threat”, “Alien Liaison: The Ultimate Secret”, “Alien Contact: Top Secret UFO Files Revealed” and the “UFO Report” series. He was born in 1942 in London. He’s a UFO researcher and gives lectures on the subject. But he also freelances for TV, commercials, films and music recordings with musicians. Artists he’s worked with is Blur, Paul MacCartney, George Harrison, U2, Chris Rea, Scarlet, Eternal, Rod Stewart, Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode and Culture Club.” Also he was elected in 1980 to the Royal Society of Musicians.
Goldwater, Senator Barry
Senator Barry Goldwater, former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Barry Goldwater has made several attempts to investigate the rumors about Wright-Patterson Air Base holding UFO evidence. But all of them has failed. This is what he said in a letter, 28th March 1975, to all Ufologists: “The subject of UFOs is one that has interested me for some long time. About ten to twelve years ago I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied the request. It is still classified above Top Secret. I have, however, heard that there is a plan underway to release some, if not all, of this material in the near future. I’m just as anxious to see this material as you are, and I hope we will not have to wait much longer.”
Government Conspiracy
The U.S. Government is accused of a conspiracy with the Greys. The Government allows them to abduct humans and in exchange they get their technology.
Greenwood, Barry
Barry Greenwood has been doing researches in the UFO phenomena since 1964. Greenwoods interest for the UFO phenomena has led him to were he is now. Barry Greenwood is the historian, archivist, and Middlesex County director for the Massachusetts Chapter of MUFON, he serves on the Board of Advisors for CAUS and he’s a member of the organizations CUFOS, APRO, and BUFORA and holds associate memberships in the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Astronomical. Barry Greenwood is also the author of the following two books: Clear Intent, The Government Cover-up Of The UFO Experience (1984), The UFO Cover-Up: What the Government wont say (1993) (Re-print of previous book).
The most common reported alien being. It’s a rather small humanoid with big, black eyes, almond shaped. They’re about 1,0m—1,25m at height. What is known about this race is that it’s said to be evil and they got a negative energy. They abduct humans and animals to perform tests and studying them on orders from the Reptoids. Also known as Zeta Reticuli from their origin. But another theory about the Greys are that they’re trying to save earth and its entities from the destruction caused by the humans ignorance for the nature.
Groom Lake
The name of the lake north of Area-51.
Ground Saucer Watch
It is a UFO Investigation Group.
Grudge, Operation
Follow up to Project Sign. Contains 16 volumes of documented information about UFOs and IACs. They received 23% more reports than the Sign project and despite that they could explain them all on a psychological ground. The Journalist were encouraged to write articles that said UFOs don’t exist. Founded by the CIA. It was financed with their illegal drug trade. It was shut down in 1950.
Ground Markings
Includes crop circles and similar observations like burn marks on the ground and “tripod marks”.
Pseudonym used for the aliens that were exchanged against humans.
Gulf Breeze Sightings
The well known story about Ed Walters and his wife Frances Walters. A series of UFO sightings that has taken place in Gulf Breeze, Florida since 1987. Ed Walters claims that the aliens have tried to abduct both him and his wife. He also claims that he can hear a low humming noise in his head when the UFOs are near.